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Here are the endorsements from the allegedly “right wing” newspaper, The Oregonian. How can anyone in their right mind think for one second that this is a right wing paper? I put XXX’s next to the GOP endorsed candidates who are from outside the Portland-Salem population belts. These mind numbing endorsements have got to make you stop and ask if there is anyone on the editorial board who has been paying attention fo the last 2 years! Oregon’s economy is in the dumpster! The Democrats have been able to do anything they wanted for a very long time and most recently with such huge majorities embarrasing!


(I color coded this for ease of reading for all of you who only know how to make an X. Please stop putting your X next to the names with the D’s next to them…we can’t take much more and still be able to pull out of it)

U.S. Senate (Oregon): Ron Wyden (D). State’s senior senator has a powerful record and is prepared to do more on taxes, forest policy and health care.

Senate (Washington): Patty Murray (D). Combines power in the other Washington with priorities of the Northwest.

House, 1st District: Rob Cornilles (R). Everything about his background suggests a strong capacity to learn and the ability to work across lines to make an impact in Washington.

XXX House, 2nd District: Greg Walden (R). Emerging GOP leader is an effective advocate for his rural constituents.

House, 3rd District: Earl Blumenauer (D). One of the nation’s premier advocates for livability and mass transit.

House, 4th District: Peter DeFazio (D). Blunt-spoken, independent and in a position to lead the way on transportation.

House, 5th District: Kurt Schrader (D). Impressive first term and background argue for return to build influence.

House, 3rd District (Washington): Denny Heck (D). Business background would help both the district’s economy and Capitol attitudes.


District 13: Larry George (R). Skilled conservative on transportation, taxes and budgeting.

District 15: Bruce Starr (R). Essential GOP leader on transportation.

District 17: Suzanne Bonamici (D). Effective lawmaker who knows education and consumer protection issues.

District 19: Richard Devlin (D). Cerebral majority leader is among the hardest working lawmakers in Salem.

District 20: Martha Schrader (D). Former county commissioner with a long record of working across the aisle on business and agricultural issues.

District 22: Chip Shields (D). Leading voice on corrections in a Legislature that must find ways to reduce prison spending.

District 24: Rob Wheeler (R). Happy Valley mayor has spot-on experience in small business and local government. HAPPY VALLEY

XXX District 26: Chuck Thomsen (R). Veteran county commissioner understands rural Oregon, agriculture, small business and bipartisan leadership.


District 24: Susan Sokol Blosser (D). Oregon wine industry pioneer is smart and well-regarded by many in business, public safety and labor.

District 26: Sandy Webb (D). Aloha attorney offers experience on land use, elders’ rights and business formation.

District 27: Tobias Read (D). Bright, effective moderate with expertise in economic development and budgets.

District 28: Jeff Barker (D). Provides deep expertise on public safety issues and displays a strong streak of independence.

District 29: Katie Eyre Brewer (R). Certified public accountant and former chair of the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce has practical business experience lacking in Salem. SALEM

District 30: Shawn Lindsay (R). Appealing new candidate with specific ideas on some of the toughest issues, including pension and tax reform. HILLSBORO

District 33: Mitch Greenlick (D). Leading voice in the House on health care.

District 34: Chris Harker (D). Software company founder brings expertise on information technology projects.

District 35: Margaret Doherty (D). Appointee didn’t have much time to make mark last session, but developed relationships and pushed business-friendly legislation.

District 36: Mary Nolan (D). The House majority leader and staunch liberal is a powerful advocate for schools and human services and a good match for heavily Democratic district.

District 37: Will Rasmussen (D) Portland lawyer and first-time candidate has credible ideas on promoting lending and encourage businesses.

District 38: Chris Garrett (D). low-key, matter-of-fact style, much like that of former Rep. Greg Macpherson, whom he succeeded, suits Salem.

District 39: Alice Norris (D). Successful Oregon City mayor has proven ability to build consensus, a skill badly needed in the Capitol.

District 40: Dave Hunt (D). Powerful House speaker who pushed through tax increases now focused on job creation.

District 41: Carolyn Tomei (D). Milwaukie’s ex-mayor and a former psychiatric social worker is one of the leading voices on human services issues.

District 42: Jules Kopel Bailey (D). Strong advocate for education reforms and expanding renewable energy.

District 43: Lew Frederick. (D). Former TV journalist and member of the Board of Education remains passionate about education, the use of force by police and social justice.

District 44: Tina Kotek (D). North Portland children’s advocate is one of the accomplished young leaders in the Legislature.

District 45: Michael Dembrow (D). Proven thinker and worker proposes to expand vocational education and launch a major school weatherization program.

District 46: Ben Cannon (D). Bright and personable school teacher has won praise for his grasp of issues and ability to work well with others.

District 47: Jefferson Smith (D). Portland lawyer and founder of Oregon’s Bus Project understands the interconnectedness of jobs, education and quality of life.

District 48: Mike Schaufler (D). Blustery blue-collar advocate brings a loud but moderate voice to the Democratic caucus.

XXX District 49: Matt Wand (R). Formal, low-key attorney would be a useful addition to the Legislature on taxes, regulatory issues and spending cuts.

District 50: Greg Matthews (D). Gresham firefighter and former police officer is an earnest and enthusiastic representative of east county.

District 51: Cheryl Myers (D). A member of the North Clackamas School District Board of Directors, Myers’ infectious optimism about education is tempered by tough-mindedness in resetting budget priorities.

XXX District 52: Mark Johnson (R). Building contractor and former chairman of the Hood River County School Board has deep roots in the community and business experience.

If this is how a right wing newspaper hands out it’s political endorsements then someone needs to get ahold of these people and explain things to them because they forgot to endorse any right wingers!

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything” Did Barrack Obama Say that??
Nope ….Close….Joseph Stalin!
An interesting series about the inherent flaws of Vote by Mail!

(The author: Jeff Reynolds will be adding additional segments to this and after you the first two short parts I have here you will want to subscribe to to receive those additional installments as they are published)

Oregon is the most corrupt State in the Union – Pt. 1.By Jeffery Reynolds 10/29/10 12:53 AM EDT 0 Comments

So, look. I know this is a controversial subject. Those in New Jersey, Illinois, Louisiana and Nevada will get all competitive. Californians will wonder who’s making so much noise upstairs. New York will wonder if I can be bought off to transfer the title to them.

Oregonians will say I’m harshing their mellow.

But it is undeniable. Oregon is the most corrupt State in the Union. I intend to show it here unequivocally over the next several weeks.

The first subject I’ll tackle is Oregon’s voting system. For those of you who aren’t aware, we did away with voting booths all the way back in 1998. We now have exclusive vote by mail.

What’s wrong with that? Doesn’t it allow for more voter participation, particularly among the elderly who may not normally be able to make it to the voting booth?

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to democracy. In order to vote, a person is not required to show that they are a citizen. One is not required to have a valid state ID or driver’s license, and you are now allowed to register by mail. Don’t believe me? Check out

Well even still, the system can be trusted, can’t it?


You remember Chain Of Custody from the OJ Simpson trial, right? You know, where every person who touches the sensitive item is required to be able to account for its whereabouts throughout the process to ensure that it hasn’t been tampered with. (Part 1 CONT’D HERE)

The Gay Student Teacher Was NOT Fired for Being Gay!
He Was Fired for Being Stupid!
I am sick to death of reading or hearing or seeing the nonstop news coverage of the “gay student teacher” who was “fired for being gay” in Beaverton. What a crock! The problem occurs when what looks good in a headline gets introduced to what really happened. “Mr. fairtale…I would like you to meet mr. reality check”. The only positive thing that has come out of this is it’s given the news media the opportunity to demonstrate to all of us how tolerant and accepting they are and by definition …if you disagree …you aren’t! Seth knows why they let him go …. It wasn’t until he had the opportunity to talk with, and exchange outrages with, his gay friends that he decided all of a sudden that it couldn’t have been for anything he did so that left only his sexuality to blame and then we got: “They fired me because I am gayand I told the student the truth” There are at least 2 huge problems with this new version of the truth:

#1 It’s a lie! Think about it, it defies common sense to think that the Beaverton School District Principal and Administrators called him in and sat him down and said “Seth…I am sorry … We are letting you go because you’re gay” who in their right mind believes that? Why would the news media think we are that stupid? Even if the real reason is that every Beaverton School teacher harbor intense ‘hate” towards all gays…. (yeah right!) No one in their right mind would ever be stupid enough to tell him that. Give me a break!

#2 The second thing that concerns me is this: So far none of the stories I have read (at least 10-12 of them) mention the most important fact in the whole story: that the child he was having this discussion with was only a 4th grader and only eight or nine years old? Don’t you think that’s an important part of the story? If the child he was having a conversation with was 18 or 17 then he would have just been guilty of having an inappropriate conversation with a student. Professional educators do not discuss their personal selection criteria for potential sex partners with their students! and Nobody has that conversation with an 8 or 9 year old child … period! When it comes to a teacher-student relationship…. Teachers are held to the highest possible standard of professional behavior and that standard does not include throwing ashes over your head in front of an 8 yr old student because you can’t get married to the guy you are having a homosexual relationship with. It also doesn’t allow for a teacher to discuss their private romantic or sexual habits ith an 8 or 9 yr old child either!

How many people who are reading this can truthfully say that their fourth-grade teacher discussed their personal sex life, or their choice of sexual partners, or any part of their private lives with you when you were in fourth grade? It’s not a conversation you would ever have. Anybody, including student teachers from Lewis and Clark College should be bright enough to know the difference between what is appropriate and what is not. Every single headline stated something to the effect that a
“student teacher was fired because he was gay” and that is such a lie. If the student teacher had been straight and had a conversation with an 8 or nine-year-old regarding his preference for really fat girls with blond hair and big breasts that would be equally inappropriate… at least.

Why is it that gay people feel the need to tell everybody all of the details of their private lives even when it’s professionally frowned upon to do it? Can’t gays put their victim status on the shelf long enough to do their jobs without feeling the need to call someone a ‘bigot’ or a ‘hater’ Why does everything bad that happens to a homosexual, happen only because he is a homosexual? Where is the teachable moment for Seth when everyone aound him is telling him HE is the victim of his own stupidity. Hopefully someone has taken him aside and reinforced the reasons he was originally lwet go …because that reason hasn’t changed …and as crazy as it sounds he appears to believe that what he did was totally appropiate…it wasn’t. I hope this doesn’t take all of the wind out of your outrage and foot stomping, but if you aren’t dumber than soap …then you already know that he wasn’t fired because he was gay, he was fired because he was stupid! And stupidity is not a civil right either, especially when you are a teacher, and your stupidity manifests itself in the form of inappropriate conversations, regarding your private sexual preferences with children that aren’t yours and that two men can never have.

Foreclosure Fraud Can Save US Economy
by Morgan Warstler
The contractual mortgage screw-up by the banks gives us a great way to speed up the recovery and reclaim what was lost in the the Great Bank Heist of 2008.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the MERS violations, you’ll need to read up to understand this idea…

But essentially, the chain of title on almost all the foreclosures going on in the mortgage market are in jeopardy: lawsuits as far as the eye can see; title companies unwilling to insure title; squatters; banks suspending all ongoing foreclosures.

It’s a frigging mess.

Meanwhile, ever since Rick Santelli launched the Tea Party on CNBC, we’ve been split down the middle class between those people who bought too big a house and are now desperately underwater–and those people who played by the rules. We all have friends in both groups.

Over at oligarch central (the Fed), Bernacke is suggesting that to kick start the economy we need more inflation. After all, the mortgages behind all the toxic assets they bought aren’t worth squat if home prices fall and people stop making payments. (Cont’d Here)

The viewpoints of people like Krugman, Geithner, Stiglitz etc. are crazy. With the notable exception tof the last 18 months or so the government debt has remained at a fairly consistent …% of GDP. What hasn’t remained consistent is the debt of consumers, businesses, and financial firms (try and find a sectoral graph you will see that I am right) the problem we have right now and have had for the last two years (since the Pelosi Congress ushered in the ‘period of darkness) is that values of the assets backing all of that debt has been in a free fall in the wrong direction increasing he debt to equity ratios to a very unsustainable level.

You guys have heard me say many times before going back to at least May that we’re not just in a recession, we’re in a negative economic mega cycle and with nothing to support the start of significant growth of any kind, there is absolutely nothing positive going on right now Any spending being done by consumers has no dynamic to sustain it…none.

But the reason Krugman is a loon is because we aren’t dealing with just a “temporary mispricing” of debt. We are going to be forced to restructure not billions but trillions of dollars of debt that has been loaned and borrowed against an asset base with values that no longer exist.

OK time for some comparative facts and figures:

Let’s start with the financial sector …Obama’s and Geithners close asshole buddies on Wall Street they keep protecting when they aren’t busy bailing them out with our money.

Debt owed by the financial sector at the end of 08 was $17.2 trillion, or 121% of GDP. At the end of 07 it was $16 trillion, or only 115% of GDP.
Let me add some perspective by also telling you that at the end of 1959 the number was 21 billion which just 6% of GDP

In 1959 Government debt hovered around 59% of GDP fast fwd to today and it has been accumulating so fast it’s hard to keep track of day to day but looking at the

Total debt to GDP which has a historic average of being around 155% of GDP is now at over 349% of GDP

I have always been intrigued by these debt-to-GDP charts specially since the fall of 08 . When I went back and tried to compare what’s happening now with what happened in 19239 what really struck me was the fact that it wasn’t a run-up in debt back in the 1920’s that started the Great Depression – the spike then was caused, if anything, by the dramatic decrease in GDP (the spike doesn’t happen until 1932-3 or so). Without really drilling it down and spending time I don’t have looking at it , in our current environment, I think there is no question we’re going to see this chart go a lot higher before it starts lower. With GDP going down right now, not up, and with our overall debt levels still on the upside thanks to governments “help”, I think this could top out at 450% because we haven’t even started to truly de-leverage yet.

The problem is that the problem will never be solved because too many Americans are too stupid to know where the problem begins. All spending bills come from the House of Representatives, which for the last 4 years has been run by Nancy Pelosi and Bawney FFFFwank. The spending bill then goes to the Senate, which is run by Harry Reid and Chris Dodd. The bill is then signed into law by the President. That is the way it has been since the Constitution was ratified.

The fact that most of the comments I read here, who one would think have at least an iota of education, don’t understand the basics of our Republic, tells you that our government and economy will fall into chaos sooner rather than later. I used to be amazed when people would place all the blame for deficits on the President. Now I am numb to the level of stupidity of the average American. Only until this debt is either paid down, inflated down, defaulted on, or some combination of the three will we begin to have real economic growth. It will take years and any sense of a robust and lasting recovery is utterly foolish. Buy Gold and take delivery!

Obama Enabling Violent Jihad
by Connie Hair


The Obama administration’s first show trial for a violent Guantanamo Bay jihadi in a civilian court — a man who has never set foot in America — and endowing this enemy combatant with full citizenship-level Fifth Amendment rights is unraveling in the courtroom and putting America at risk.

It would be a laughable, “I told you so” moment if it weren’t so dangerous. Stopping these violent jihadis from killing Americans is the government’s job. The Obama administration is putting American lives at risk and jeopardizing the integrity of our legal system which was not designed to handle war crimes.

Dealing with violent jihadists on the worldwide battlefield is a matter for military not civilian courts. Matters as simple as chains of custody for evidence take on different standard when dealing with America’s civilian courts. Our soldiers are not law enforcement officers. They are paid to fight wars and break things, not read Miranda rights and put evidence in baggies on the battlefield.

To left-wing elitists like Obama, acts of terrorism are matters for lawyers not soldiers. Now the first of these Gitmo detainee civilian court trials has been delayed this week because the star witness was barred from testifying by trial judge Lewis Kaplan.


For Any of You Who Think We Should Grant Amnesty to 20 Million Illegal Aliens…Here are 200,000 Reasons We Shouldn’t

How often do we hear from illegal alien apologists that “undocumented immigrants are all good, hard working people who just do the jobs Americans won’t do?” These statistics belie any notion that undocumented immigrants are all good people who just want to work. DHS deported about 400,000 illegal aliens. About half, (195,000), were convicted criminals. About 33%, (65,000), of the deportees had been convicted of murder or rape or major drug dealing!

By deporting 195,000 illegal aliens the federal government just saved about $7 billion a year in just incarceration costs! By deporting 65,000 murders, rapists and drug dealers the U.S. has become a safer place. Nonetheless our borders remain open to the continued flow of illegal alien criminals.

While criminal deportations are up, work place enforcement has declined. Congressman Lamar Smith, ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said in its efforts to boost criminal immigrants’ deportations, the department has fallen down on other basic enforcement.

He said administrative arrests of illegal immigrant workers are down 77 percent under the present administration, criminal arrests are down 60 percent and convictions are down 68 percent.

“Worksite enforcement has been all but forgotten by the Obama administration,” Mr Smith, a Texas Republican, said. “Millions of Americans are struggling to find work, while an estimated seven million illegal immigrants are working in the U.S. Worksite enforcement could help make those much-needed jobs available for U.S. citizen and legal immigrant workers.”

The report below is from one of our sister organizations, NumbersUSA.

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