A few quick thoughts on the Dream Act…

A few quick thoughts on the Dream Act which the “soon to be out of work” democratic lawmakers are trying desperately to jam through before the Christmas recess:

Is it just me or does it seem like this bill has more lives than a cat? Wasn’t it just 4-6 months ago we all went through all of this drama the last time?

1. If this law is such a great and warm and fuzzy thing then why is it taking a lame duck..(hurry hurry hurry) session of congress to try get it passed?

2. And if it really “is about time” that we pardoned 2 million parasites, squatters, and felons, then why has this bill been changed more times than a newborn?

3. If you can find a way to step back away from all of the angry rhetoric back and forth and clear your head.

4. Take a look at the bigger picture… This steaming pile of legalization has been the work of people so lacking in patriotism and a sense of right or wrong that Harry Reid isn’t just one of their members…he is their King!

5. Harry Reid was just re-elected after trailing in almost every single poll for most of the 6 months leading up to the election… sometimes by big double digit numbers… The Nevada election was unquestionable decided by illegal aliens (judging by the demographics of the counties that went for Reid) If you can’t smell political payback for something as repugnant as election fraud, then you need to drive as fast as you can to the closest ER …because you have died.

6. This is not the first time amnesty has been given to these people… and the deal after the last one was “This is IT!” We have almost 20 million illegal’s in this country and we have more legal citizens who are unemployed.

But aside from all of that … if anyone has any lingering doubts about whether or not the lunatic fringe on the left has any understanding at all about the way things work in the real world; let me help you dispel that notion right now:

I stopped by the facebook page of my own Congressman; Earl Blumenauer, and right at the top of his page was a blurb written by Earl patting himself on the back for voting for Dream Amnesty (and therefore against all unemployed Oregonians) and describing the way the gallery section of the House of Representatives erupted in applause after the house passed their version. Directly underneath Earl’s self – congratulations… The rest of his loyal, “Blumen-idiots” thanked Earl profusely for his vote. Other comments went onto take cheap error-ridden swings at the GOP accusing them of sending jobs overseas at the behest of the “BIG EVIL CORPORATIONS”

The only problem with the left’s newfound love of paying lip service too, and pretending to be the champions of, small business (other than their incestuous relationship with Wall Street) Earl’s Blumen-idiots are “worried sick” about “creating new jobs”. We know this because it says so right there in the same exact comments they used to “thank Earl” for his Dream Act vote.

Think about it: Earl’s pro amnesty vote for the Dream Act (if it makes it through the Senate) would allow almost 3 million former illegal’s the ability to enter an already maxed out labor market. Ready for some irony? The impact of the vote Earl made today on Dream Amnesty will cost us more jobs and make it exponentially more difficult for legal Oregonians to find a job, than just about anything else he could have done, including not raising everyone’s taxes (by not extending the Bush tax cuts)in their ongoing class war with the succesful and productive citizens of this country. THE SAME PEOPLE WHO THANKED EARL FOR HIS PUSH TO EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS FOR ANOTHER ZILLION YEARS AND WHO EMBRACED THAT VOTE AS PROOF THATY EARL REALLY DOES CARE ABOUT THE UNEMPLOYED WORKER DREAM ACT VOTE ARE TOO STUPID TO SEE THAT IT IS EARL’S VOTES ON THINGS LIKE THE DREAM ACT (WHICH THEY ALSO THINK IS GREAT!) WHICH HAVE CAUSED SO MANY OREGONIANS TO STILL BE UNEMPLOYED IN THE FIRST PLACE! DON’T YOU THINK THOSE OUT OF WORK LEGAL CITIZENS WOULD HAVE AN EASIER TIME FINDING A JOB IF EARL HADN’T OF JUST ADDED 3 MILLION MORE PEOPLE TO THE LABOR POOL FOR THEM TO COMPETE AGAINST??? HELLO?

“OK … I think we can agree that… “Everyone go out for a pass” is not a good football play to call at the pro level. Likewise, “Everyone come on over to the US so we can feed and support your irresponsibly large families” is not the correct way to implement and manage the immigration strategy of the USA.

To carry the football team analogy one step further … We have been given the responsibility of running this country responsibly for ourselves and for future generations. In that regard we have a fiduciary duty to always act in every possible way in a manner that benefits this country with a nod towards that duty.

“OK great CJ but you promised a football analogy”

Think of the United States like a professional football team… every year the coaching staff recruits, drafts and trades to improve their team. If that team needs additional depth at QB then they go after QB’s…if they need a kicker then they go after kickers. Then don’t purposely add anyone to their teams who can’t make their team better. (in principle) The USA needs to use their immigration strategy to do the same thing on a much larger scale.

“How are we doing on uneducated laborers who don’t speak English…?” Just fine …we don’t need anymore! We have 15.1 million people out of work! Why would we vote to allow almost 3 million more people to compete for no jobs in the current labor market? …and 2 million people who have shown exactly zero respect for this country or it’s laws?

Do you know what they call a professional football team who builds it’s team from the first 60-70 men they run into in the parking lot and who doesn’t build their team with a long term strategy in mind? … The Seattle Seahawks? Do you really want that for America?

It’s been painfully obvious for years that Earl is not a rocket scientist (or a deep thinker) but this Dream Act vote doesn’t even make sense to a 5th grader.

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