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For anyone who was wondering how long it was going to take for the gays to demonstrate some of the reasons the repeal of DADT was a bad idea for the Military and for the USA …you can relax already. Today, Admiral. John C. Harvey Jr., Commander, United States Fleet Forces Command (USFFC), permanently relieved Capt. Owen Honors of his duties as commanding officer of USS Enterprise (CVN 65) for demonstrating poor judgment while serving as executive officer of that ship…4-5 YEARS AGO

The only thing that is worse than the poor political decision made by Adm John Harvey is the fact that it took 4 years to get the intel on this subject. We are fighting wars and to penalize someone years later for improving morale (however it was done) is ludicrous. What a sad military force we’ve become when “sex” jokes are not allowed but we are expected to kill the enemy and defend our country….just don’t joke about it. And yet a Commander-In-Chief of the US Armed Forces can get a bj in the Oval Office, lie about it under oath and not only survive but see his popularity rise as well as the swelling in his pants.

Congratulations! Do you people not understand that these are soldiers in the military?? Warriors? By definition they are NOT politically correct and due to the thankless services they perform and the nature of those services I could care less what they call gay people. If you think you are able to overlay the same expectations society has for itself onto the military, then you are in for a rude awakening …The last thing in the world I want is for the gays and lesbians to start in on trying to redefine what is and isn’t appropriate for our military to use for training …the way they all were thinking you needed to redefine marriage for all of us… (While at the same time telling us they weren’t trying to redefine marriage).

All of you foolish foolish people who think our military is some sort of a big social experiment and who thought DADT was a good idea…If nothing else …thank you for at least being consistent ….consistently on the wrong side of every single issue where you are required to make a choice between your own bizarre sexual choices and what’s best for the USA. Please don’t forget that everyone also has the right to NOT tolerate certain behaviors.

Captain Honor’s: A top, highly respected military officer has now been singled out, and is having his entire career of honorable military service to our nation, literally torn to shreds by a bunch of politically correct and vicious prigs who, in reality, are on a mission to force every living breathing person who still has a sense of humor, has a working moral compass and are nothing but power-hungry thugs Today’s casualty of the lunatic left will be very difficult to replace

Captain Honor’s military record is beyond impressive and borders upon embarrassing. In his career he has: 3,400 flight hours in 31 types of aircraft with more than 700 landings on 15 carriers. He has flown 85 combat missions in three different theaters. He is a recipient of the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medals, Meritorious Service Medal, and various campaign/unit awards

What’s next? I am willing to bet big that what we will see is a push for a massive program of “sensitivity training” — i.e., pro-gay propaganda that combat arms guys typically don’t believe and that is contrary to the beliefs of the many Christians among our warriors.

Gays and some other juveniles running America beyond Captain Honors need to grow up quickly……Otherwise, the American people themselves may mature into enough wisdom to understand how the censorship of Left Wing Political Correctness is killing their once beloved America as a society of free adults. If they do, there will be anger and unhappiness. Intolerance can last for awhile but not forever.

Our enemies are laughing their butts off right now as they watch the US depose proven combat commanders at the behest of leftist politically correct cowards that don’t have the cojones to wear the uniform into battle. I$lamist jihadists will have no problem conquering the PC jellyfish that infest the pentagon these days. America is doomed as long as we allow these chicken-$hit morons to subvert our fighting forces…The military gay got their first scalp, Here is a quick question for you :
What is more egregious?

When a gay or lesbian officer makes unwanted sexual advances on her juniors, or when an officer uses the word ‘fag’?
I guess we know now

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