The Emperor Has No Clothes …No Brain …and No Shame!

One thing I know is true is this: Whatever Obama tells us ….he is lying. It doesn’t matter if it’s about Libya, healthcare pr the time of day… his track record of being a serial liar makes anything he says to anyone or everyone immediately suspect and we would be well advised to assume everything he says is a lie until proven otherwise because he lost the courtesy of being presumed truthful long ago. He is a neoconservative globalist and showed the world where his loyalties lie when he bypassed congress and took the Libyan matter to get the blessing of the UN instead. What a loser!

I love Shakespeare quotes …no one has ever been able to say it better before or since. How could he have possibly been able to describe our current President so long ago?

“He’s a most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise-breaker, the owner of no one good quality.”

All’s Well That Ends Well, 3. 6

Here is a great column written by my buddy Keith “Mad Dog” Davies “


It pains me to write this article, as our country’s highest representative is making our country a laughing stock to the world and what is even worse, to our most deadly enemies. Our community organizer President may have been able to fire up a few union thugs, sign a few hundred new ACORN members, and act as a lawyer in his home neighborhood of Chicago, but his leadership of our nation has become an embarrassment, whether you are a far left Democrat, or a far right Republican, and everyone in between. I cannot even mention our president’s name anymore; it is such a burden upon my psyche. This Libyan fiasco will end up at best destroying this presidency and at worst will make the Middle Eastinto an even bigger mess, the latter being more likely. The chaos will not be because going to war is good or bad; it is because we do not have a president who can act decisively.Every decision that he makes is based on how it will affect him politically versus what is the best thing to do in the interests of the United States and the free world. That the “kinetic military action” is not, or maybe, or it is to something other than what the public is told. One person in the administration thinks it is to depose and kill Qaddafi, another says only it is to protect civilians, and another says it is possibly something to akin to a combination of the two. Our European allies are in disarray because they cannot or are unwilling to lead. In other words, based on the policy or lack of one, we are dropping bombs for the hell of it, or because the UN said it was OK, until the bombs started to actually fall, then it was not OK!

Initiating a war is politically incorrect for a Marxist president, so he enacts a war policy reluctantly and calls it something else, and when his base starts to criticize him he looks to bail out on his policy as soon as possible, the world be damned. Whether the Libyan war is the correct policy or not, at this moment our President is bombing Libya and he wants to call it everything and anything else, because it does not sit well with his Nobel peace loving ego, never mind that it insults the intelligence of the people of the United States of America including the ones that cling to their guns and religion. America having voted for a far left ideologue professor who speaks out of two sides of his mouth, now acts like each hand he plays does the opposite action. His balancing act between his far left wing base and what is a prudent foreign policy has put the President between a rock and hard place politically, and now he is about to screw the whole world up at the same time. A president needs to have one priority when he is the leader of America and that is what is in the best interests of the country.

What we have now is a president who is only interested it seems in having pleasure rides on Air Force One, playing golf, watching basketball and have fancy concerts with his celebrity friends in the White House, hell doing the job of President, who wants to do that boring job! Our President acts more like a tin pot dictator from Africa, without thank G-d the ability to kill his opposition at home or abroad, but then again his health care bill might do that job, at least on the home front. Cont’d Here…..

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