2012 Election ….Obama? or Anyone but Obama? The Record Should be Clear!

Even over here I couldn’t help but notice that Obama had ‘officially declared” that he would be seeking reelection as President of the USA. I had to smile at what I considered to be the absurdity of such an idea. How is it possible for anyone to be so narcissistic and obtuse that they could look at their job performance as measured against any objective criteria and conclude that they were deserving of a second term or even that anyone want him too. With an approval rating scraping the high 30’s and low 40’s and with the knowledge that in 2008 “people didn’t fall for Obama …they fell in line” …”let the facts be submitted to a candid world”

Back in 2008 Obama was a tabula raza upon which people imputed to him qualities and attributes that he may or may not have had. As a US Senator, his handlers made sure he didn’t cast any votes that would provide insights into his radical left wing belief’s or past. His academic records were sealed faster, and sooner than any candidate in the history of the republic. What we know now, is if he really did attend Columbia… (and so far only one person has been able to even recall having a class with him … odd) his academic performance was unspectacular at best, and his acceptance into Harvard Law School had more to do with “the color of his skin than the content of his character” As the “editor” of the Harvard Law Review how was it possible to never once submit even one item for publication in 1 year?

Will it be possible for the ideologues on the left to stop long enough to get off their knees and ask some of the questions that still need to be answered this time around? The good thing for all voters is we are no longer forced to guess about what he will and won’t do, support, or propose. Obama finally has a record to run against. This time all of us get to compare what he said he would do …with what he actually did. This should make the choice easy: After 4 years in office history will show Obama to be the most prolific liar of this century. Additionally, no one has done more to discredit the highest office in the land than “Barrachio” Obama. If this fact alone isn’t enough to cause you to vote for “ABO” (anyone but Obama) then shame on you, but read on:

Can anyone truthfully say they are better off now than they were 3-4 years ago? Really? Obama’s answer to the inflation problem (inherent in printing more money to pay for his 1.6 trillion dollar annual deficit), was to change the definition of inflation by taking little things like food prices, gas prices, and cotton prices, out of the formula…. then with the word inflation no longer meaning what we think of as inflation …Obama looks us all in the eye and says that inflation is under control. Huh? When he says this Obama is lying!

Unemployment is still at record highs and his irresponsible spending has done nothing but put us further into debt.

To this day he continues to defy federal court rulings that Obamacare is illegal, that the moratorium on offshore oil drilling is legal (even though we gave 2 billion dollars to Brazil to support a George Soro’s owned energy company and endorsed their right to drill in the same places Obama refuses to allow US oil companies to drill?)

By ANY OBJECTIVE YARDSTICK you use …the US is worse off than we were 3 years ago.

On the foreign policy front he has shown himself to NOT be the President of closing Gitmo and bringing soldiers home like he promised …instead we know now that he is the President who lied…who kept Gitmo open and is conducting military trials at Gitmo right now (something he swore would not happen when he ran in 08). The soldiers he swore to bring home? … more soldiers are currently engaged in military combat overseas right now than when Obama took office …not less.

When Obama took office we were engaged in military conflict in two countries … 3 yrs later it’s 3 and that’s not counting his refusal to do anything to secure our southern borders as Mexico creeps across our borders and has now made claim to large parts of Arizona.

The lies and scheming and deceptions go on and on and on… one website which tracks lies told by Obama which can be verified has a list of over 4,000!

How could any clear thinking person with any respect for the history of this country or it’s founding principles possibly be willing to vote for 4 more years of this? Before you say “yeah but…what about Bush” …what about Bush indeed! I know that the political polarization that has occurred in this country will make it impossible for the left to suddenly stop and say “oh my God …she is right what were we thinking…we need to vote for a Tea Party candidate!” (Which BTW wouldn’t be a bad idea) but I am hoping that for those of you who are blind only because you refuse to see will find the moral will power to at least peel away the blinders and find someone else on the left, who isn’t Obama, who you can vote for, and whom we can all live with should lightning strike and they were to be elected.

We are all disgusted with the government for one reason or another right now. How will we ever fix the problems with our government until we start to hold our elected leaders to higher standards …standards where lying isn’t ok…standards where the constitution and our laws are followed and not ignored … and standards where their actions aren’t for sale to the highest bidder. I don’t care who you vote for but we are all fully invested in what you vote for … more lies, more wars, more unemployment, more inflation, more trillion dollar deficits, more divisive politics? Or less? Obama …or anyone but Obama?

  1. Well written and it is the truth. Most of my dem friends have now admitted they made the wrong choice in 2008. Just took then a while to figure it out.

  2. This is excellent! Well written and to the point. I agree with everything you wrote.

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