What happens when the Government says:”Bail Out” and the People say “Absolutely Not!”

The remarkable story of Iceland and its battle against the International bankers, has been given virtually no coverage in the mainstream media. The actions of the Icelandic people, is probably, the most important solution yet offered, to resolve the worlds economic crisis. It is for this reason, that there has been no discussion. It demonstrates, quite clearly, our governments, are not looking for a solution. Our governments, are attempting to make use of the crisis, to introduce changes, which would be unacceptable, to the people, in normal circumstances. This is called The Hegellian Dialect, Problem, Reaction, Solution. Just as in recent days in the Middle East, a problem has been created, we are watching the reaction, the agents of the Elite are lining up with the solution.

The Icelanders have been under pressure, from their government, to join the European Union. They consistently refused, voting no, in referenda. They were expected, like the people of Ireland, to continue to vote, until they delivered the desired result. They were however, of the same opinion as their Polar neighbours, Greenland, that the European Union was a trap, for smaller States. Greenland, initially joined the Union, they quickly discovered, that this threatened their National Resources, making them available to the Globalist sharks, who would quickly deplete them, as had happened to the UK fishing stocks. So they left the Union. Greenland is the only country, which has left the European Union voluntarily and yet most people in Europe are not aware that they were ever a member, such is the news black-out imposed on the event by the Media. OUR governments would have us believe that we are prisoners of the Union, because our politicians have signed treaties, this is a lie.

When the engineered financial crisis struck, yet another Hegellian Dialect, the people of Iceland smelled a rat. The government, had with no reference to the people, announced that they were ‘Privatising’ all of the State controlled banks. This was a few months before the ‘Crash’. All of the banks had been earning good profits for some years, there was no problem of any sort, with their accounts. However, the bankers suddenly announced that they owed a debt, to Dutch and English depositors, of billions of dollars. The British and Dutch governments were pressing the Icelandic government to pay. The people objected. They asked the question, how,in just a few short months, could a profitable state bank, descend into bankruptcy? They demonstrated, telling the government not to pay the debt. They quickly discovered that whereas they had thought themselves to be living in a democratic system, they were, in fact, living in an elected Dictatorship. Despite the obvious objection of a vast majority of the people, the government were insisting on paying the debt.

The people forced the government to resign, new elections were held, little of significance changed, demonstrating a form of cartel amongst politicians. The people, decided to hold a referendum, to ask the people, whether the debt should be paid or not. The population of Iceland is in the order of 300,000 people, so to pay a debt of billions of dollars would have involved every family taking the responsibility of paying huge sums of money. 93% per cent of the people, voted against, payment.

They then insisted on auditing the accounts of the banks. They quickly discovered, as had Latin American countries, who had insisted on an audit, that the alleged debt was a fraud. They have started to arrest the bankers involved in the theft, issuing International Arrest Warrants against those bankers who had fled the country. When they realised what was happening, the British and Dutch governments, who had vehemently insisted that the debt be paid in full, suddenly discovered that they had “Miscalculated” the amount of the debt. They started to dramatically reduce the sum, the only thing that mattered now, was to force Iceland to pay something, no amount was too small, just in case the word got out that it was all a fraud and that the people of other countries, who were caught in the same trap, might follow the example of Iceland.

The Icelandic people have now taken on the task of changing the political system. They are writing a new Constitution themselves and are insisting, on a new form of Democracy, that will be under the control of the people. This is the form of Democracy that the whole of Europe should adopt. Direct Democracy, where through the use of referenda, decisions of any importance are voted on by the people and the decision of the people is binding. No more forcing the people, as is happening right now in Switzerland, to vote time after time, until the preferred result is achieved.
These are the reasons why so few people are aware of the events in Iceland. The European Commission has a horror of Democracy. They are in the process of abolishing it. It has been described as too cumbersome. We need a new form of government which would facilitate the decision making. The Debt Crisis, which is being used to bring this about, has been exposed by the Icelanders for what it is, a gigantic fraud, to force the people into submission. The same criminals who engineered the debt, are now after our food. Food has become a financial instrument on the Stock Exchanges of the world, where these people who can only be described as financial vampires, are making a profit out of starvation. With the connivance of our governments. Make no mistake about it, our governments will have us slaughtered, to suit their Masters, The Central Bankers

Reprinted from Enochered’s Blog


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