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Surviving The Republican Establishment
October 18, 2011 by

There are at least two conflicting views of the Occupy Wall Street mob. One is that the media are overplaying the protests and that they are much ado about nothing. The idea is that the protesters are primarily a bunch of idealistic kids living out their fantasies of the turn-on, tune-in, drop-out crowd of the 1960s.
At the other extreme is the view that the protests are the start of a worldwide left-wing revolution promoted by communists, union Mafiosos and a variety of down-with-the-rich misfits. While I believe that the goofy, confused kids — who can’t seem to coherently explain why they are protesting — are being used by the heavyweight, behind-the-scenes players who are funding the protests, that’s beside the point.
What’s more important is to understand that these kinds of protests are nothing new. Class warfare has been a fact of life throughout most of modern history. Whether we like it or not, envy fuels a never-ending, contentious relationship between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” It’s always been that way, and it always will be. The “Kumbaya” stuff is nice for dreamers who love to Twitterpate, but it’s not reality. Human nature is what it is.
Just as the mid-1950s represent the pinnacle of Western civilization, the French Revolution has always served as the gold standard for aspiring left-wing revolutionaries. The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, which came on the scene nearly 130 years later, is often held up as a model for would-be revolutionaries, but it didn’t have the passion and romanticism of the French Revolution.
The reason those on the far left have always held a special place in their hearts for the Maximilien Robespierre-inspired guillotine crowd in France is that the riffraff of that country transformed their angry fantasies into the spilling of blood — lots of it — and did so without mercy or discretion. Even the revolution’s leader, Robespierre, ended up losing his head!
That brings us back to today and the Fleabagger protests. While some may be hesitant to attribute too much power to the nation’s most famous community organizer, the sad truth is that the driving force behind the current movement is none other than Chairman Obama.
Between playing the role of venture capitalist with your money and instructing fellow radical Eric Holder to double down on the Fast and Furious cover-up, he has been stoking the fires of revolution since the day he arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Those who don’t get this are naïve to the core. CONT’D HERE

There are some things I know very little about and there are other things I know a great deal about and of course there is everything else which falls somewhere in between. One of the topics that falls squarely on the “I know a great deal about it” side of things is giving money away to universities, museums, the arts, you name it.

If you have a pulse then you have heard the uproar and tried to wade through the BS being spewed forth over the Koch Brothers’ Foundation giving Florida State University 1.5 million dollars to hire two new professors to teach some special economic courses …pretty outrageous I know. … The Koch foundation had some strings attached (as there often times are) regarding who the university would hire to do this and the ability to veto anyone the foundation had any objection too. OMG! you would have thought someone had started WWIII or insulted motherhood or some other outrageous act. Journalists from every daily weekly and monthly newspaper in the country said nearly the exact same thing …expressing the right amount of manufactured shock and outrage. Every left wing blog exploded with headlines like “Koch Brothers Buy Professors at FSU” or “FSU Integrity for sale …Price $1.5MM” …Has it come to the point that the left isn’t capable of telling the truth about anything to anyone? If I read one more blog that makes sure to remind us that 15 yrs ago Yale returned a 20 million dollar gift because th donor asked for the same sor4t of conditions that the Koch Bros . had asked for… (Read: Yale – Good , FSU- Bad)

Had those journalists …all hungry for the ‘scoop’, simply taken the time to ask or look it up … they would have all discovered what I am going to tell you right now. There are generally 2 types of money a university customarily chases …

1. Endowment grants
2. Operating /program grants

The endowment grants are generally larger sums of money where the actual donation itself is given to the university where it is added to the institutions endowments account and the only money that can be spent of this donation ….are the earnings the endowment throws off each year always leaving the principle untouched.

The operating grants are generally smaller and done to support special projects etc. Most foundations give operating gifts exclusively. Endowment gifts produce investment returns, while operating gifts are spent directly during the grant period. Operating contributions come with strings, because they are spent directly, and then evaluated immediately. While it’s true most universities do have policies regarding ENDOWMENT GRANTS … but they don’t when they are talking about operating contributions. Almost all foundations who approve money for an operating grant will want to know:

1. How was the money spent?
2. Was it effective?
3. What is the evidence that it had an impact?
4. How can I justify a future renewal of this money?

Operating contributions come with strings, because they are spent directly, and then evaluated immediately.and the generous people and foundations who offer these types of grants are our friends and would want to know all about how their money was spent. It is perfectly acceptable for a grantor to retain some control of their money …including veto powers and being able to have their grant money returned to them if there are any irregularities or the money was spent supporting people other than the ones required in the grant.

The money the Koch’s gave to FSU was grant money to be used for operations, and it’s perfectly legal and acceptable if that’s how it’s been set up. Once again the MSM is not only giving out bad information …they are giving it out to any one of 2500 people ..or more! not concerned over whether it’s accurate and true or not.

Now …left-wingers before we continue could you please find a conservative somewhere nearby and look him in the eye and apologize to him for slandering him and sullying and besmirching his good name ….please!

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