DO NOT READ THIS …unless you are prepared to be really angry! “Guidelines for Sexuality Education Plan” 2012-2016!

I have read some really screwed up stuff recently…but none of it has made me as jaw dropping angry and disgusted as this.

Has anybody heard of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States? (SIECUS)

If you have children in the public school system then you should certainly be acquainting yourself with their recently published “Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education Plan for 2012 – 2016. Read that name again …. Notice how it says sexuality and NOT sex? It isn’t a typo. This ‘plan’ (conspiracy?) is considered the bible for comprehensive sex education, re-education in our public schools today!

This plan divides our children’s sex-ed indoctrination and experience into four different levels: Here is how their grooming practice is broken down:

Level I Children ages 5 – 8
Level II Children ages 9 – 12
Level III Children ages 12 to 15
Level IV Children ages 15 – 18

Quoting from their website:

“Today, we have the opportunity to foster the first generation of sexually healthy adults. We will seize this opportunity by redefining, reframing, and supporting a new public discourse to shift the paradigm on sexual health and well-being to create a sexually healthy America.

In support of our new strategic plan, SIECUS is reframing and reprioritizing our programmatic, policy, and advocacy efforts under three strategic priorities for the period of 2012—2016” (Click here to read their plan)

Sit down and take a deep breath before you read the rest of this. Now hang on ….Here’s what these social engineers want to teach your children starting in kindergarten. The following excerpts are the exact verbiage taken from the SIECUS guide for children ages 5-8:

“Vaginal intercourse occurs when a man and woman place the penis inside her vagina”
• “Some men and women are homosexual, which means they will be attracted to and fall in love with someone of the same gender”
• “Touching and rubbing one’s own genitals to feel good is called masturbation”
• “Some boys and girls masturbate …others do not”
• “Both boys and girls may discover that their bodies feel good when touched”

By ages 9-12 it doesn’t get any better…again quoting directly from the SIECUS sex manual. Students at this level (level II) are supposed to learn that:

• “Sexual intercourse provides pleasure”
• “Homosexual love relationships can be just as fulfilling as heterosexual relationships”
• “A legal abortion is very safe”

Why would a 9 or 10 year old boy or girl need to know any of this crap? When I was that age I was still playing with dolls!

Can it get anymore morally bankrupt than this ….well since we are talking about the Top Tier NEA Lesbo-Nazi’s here please stay seated while I tell you about what happens at “level III”. At ages 12-15 they are being taught that:

• “Some people feel attracted to BOTH men and women” (Editors note: “Men and women?” Really? Are we sure they don’t really mean “other boys and girls” …you decide who is grooming our children for an immoral screwed up future)
• “you can buy condoms and contraceptives in a drug store or grocery store or see your school nurse” (what about bathrooms in bars/taverns and truck stops?)

In California, consistent with this re-education campaign the Gay Lesbian Straight Teachers Network gives these children the following “Heterosexuality Questionnaire” in their sick and depraved quest to gray the lines between right and wrong and pollute the minds of OUR CHILDREN! That questionnaire asks the following questions:

“When and where did you decide you were heterosexual?” (Don’t forget these are 12 yr olds)
• ”Is it possible heterosexuality is just a phase you will grow out of” (huh? This is a phase they aren’t supposed to have ‘grown in to” let alone “out of”? Besides don’t these immoral harpies with mullet haircuts and plaid coats preach that people are gay at birth and can never be cured? Well…which is it?
• “Is it possible you only think you are heterosexual because you fear the same sex?”
• “If you have never slept with someone of the same sex …how do you know you wouldn’t prefer that?”

Isn’t our public school system and liberalism great?

Recent studies (and not so recent studies) found that teen sex puts children at greater risk for disease, depression and suicide, when compared to teens who are not sexually active, teenage boys and girls who are sexually active are significantly less likely to be happy and more likely to be depressed and more likely to commit or attempt to commit suicide”

That’s the message they should be getting out (if any) but the teachers unions and their pseudo enlightened’ members are hard at work from within our schools grooming our children into sexual beings long before they are ready …emotionally, physically or financially. The schools most Americans entrust with the duty and privilege of educating our next generations are so busy trying to liberate them by taking the forbidden fruit of premarital sex and jamming it down their throats packaged with the equally reprehensible notion of homosexual marriage. Dig into this issue people because everywhere you turn you will discover that gay activist and their teacher and curriculum partners in our schools have turned elementary school classrooms into human labs for multi gender studies. Beneath the thin veneer of academic respectability, these morally bankrupt sociopaths are attacking the moral fabric of our society and in the process destroying the next generation and everything we believe in.

  1. epc3762 said:

    Excellent expose! Well done good and Faithful Servant. It is time to expose every dark corner of this sick demented agenda. Leave no stone un-turned in the exposure of this sick sick agenda. It is killing our youth and society as we know it. The time is now.

  2. Perhaps contempt for substitution of government for parents is just a phase I’m going through. Maybe my revulsion of parents willing to abdicate their parental responsibilities to government is another phase I’ll grow out of. I wonder if sperm and egg donors had ever tried being parents they might decide they preferred being parents.

  3. terrymac said:

    Why let the government determine the nature of your child’s learning? Isn’t there an inherent conflict of interest?

    When we take the government completely out of education, we’ll have much better education.

  4. enli10 said:

    If one sends their child to public school, I would argue that there is much worse in store for them than this.

    Anyways, that’s fine if you believe homosexuality is wrong, but get over your morals. Sex with the same sex may be argued to be pointless, but it is not immoral. Live how you will live and allow others to live as they will. Every time you speak out in such a close minded tone, you lose many of those who would have stood with you. I might suggest that there are a large number of homosexual and bisexual people who believe that confronting young children with these ideas is just as wrong as you do. I might go even further to say that, while I disagree with a few of the points on that list, maybe it is better that we teach children the way the world is, instead of how we believe it should be, and allow them the opportunity to make their own decisions. Nothing lends more credence to an idea than an attempt to destroy or censor it.

    In any case, the issue here is that if we cannot live a fulfilling life and have time to teach and learn with our children, there can be only two possible causes; either we are slaves or we are lazy.

    • My point…which admittedly was written from a homosexuality is unnatural and gay marriage is an oxymoron standpoint addressed the broader issue of the role our schools have been playing thru their overt activism on behalf of the people pushing the gay agenda. When I was confronted with the reality and unsuitability of the messages they were delivering and the target ages of the children they were delivering them too I was speechless. I firmly believe that part of the problems driving the dramatic drop in the quality of our educational system as reflected in our standings globally has been the preoccupation and misspent time carrying the water for the left on these and other social issues.

      • enli10 said:

        Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from with that clarification. Now my only problem is that public school is a liberal/socialist idea in the first place. These programs always begin as benign little projects with great intentions, are soon corrupted and the answer is invariably to increase legislation, pour more money into the system, dumb down the material and so on. If we weren’t working so hard to pay for all of these failing governmental programs, we might have enough time on our hands to educate our own children; and who could possibly be more interested in the successful education of a child than their parents? If we didn’t spend over 1/3 of our time working to pay for these programs, much more if you count the value lost whenever the Federal Reserve or any other banking institution creates money, we might just have enough time left over to teach and learn with our children.

        I would say that our education system failed as soon as we decided as a country that it would be a good idea to leave it up to ‘someone else.’

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