You Can’t Run A Whorehouse With Pictures – It’s Time To Wake Up!

I just finished reading a book called “The Empty Cradle” by Philip Longman where he discusses the the math, and consequences of sub-replacement fertility in the advanced nations of the world. Here is a quote from that book that I thought was very thought provoking:

“So where will the children of the future come from? Increasingly they will come from people who are at odds with the modern world. Such a trend, if sustained, could drive human culture off its current market-driven, individualistic, modernist course, gradually creating an anti-market culture dominated by fundamentalism – a new Dark Ages”

To be at  a ‘Nash type of equilibrium’ in population replacement and growth, a country must have at least a rate of 2.1 live births per woman.  This is exactly what the US has today even as the age distribution curve marches not so gently down its right side axis. The whole of Europe has an alarming and statistically fatal 1.38 live births per woman (Russia is 1.14!) The progressive Left can be in favor of Big Government or population control but not both. That mutual incompatibility is about to plunge Europe into societal collapse. There is no precedent in human history for economic growth on declining human capital – and that’s before anyone invented unsustainable welfare systems.  This is all happening in the industrialized world while the 3rd world continues to spit out birth rates into the 3’s and 4’s.

Consider that the highest birth rates in the world are coming from those areas with lowest standards of living not to mention the Muslim countries. On top of that you have Europe where every country serves as a non-stop infomercial on the failings and dangers of multiculturalism. The short sighted importation of other non-assimilating cultures has and will forever change every single country in the EU …and it’s devastating “Cultural Death Star’ consequences are coming soon to a city near you. To put those facts into the context of this quote please recognize that we have gotten to a point in our ridiculous fascination with political correctness, that even the thought of pondering out loud if  there will be any Italians living in the geographical zone marked as Italy a generation or three hence…or if there will be a German majority in what is marked on the map as Germany by 2050 …would cause an incoherent left wing scream of ‘racism’ that would be loud enough to bounce off of both poles. And like always it would be false. Mark this down as another instance where the left is on the wrong side of the issue …and the wrong side of history.

This issue isn’t one of race …but one of culture. Whenever I have said anything about this the comments i get in return are things like ‘typical right wing extremism and conspiracy mongering” or “more right wing racism” grrrrr. But think about how stupid the left is on these facts…I mean if you think about it for just a second …shouldn’t this really be a left wing issue?  If 50 years from now we have 5 Supreme Court justices who are bearded Muslims what is the likelihood that Gay marriage would be upheld?  How do you think feminists will fare in our new emerging society where multiple wives are acceptable? It’s easy to laugh but I have lived in Europe and I am telling you that they aren’t very far off from that right now.  How far behind them do you really think we are?

How many examples do you need? How about Burger Kings decision to take ice cream off their menus in Great Britain because a man named ‘Rashad Akhtar’ from the little industrial town ravaged by multiculturalism of High Wycombe (where almost 40% of the students consider English… if they know any …as their 2nd language) , complained that the ‘swirl’ appearing on the lid looked like the word “Allah” written in Arabic script. Are you freaking kidding me? Or the large number of the Dutch people who have moved to friendlier places like Australia and Canada…preferring it to the tension filled parts of the Netherlands. This lunacy isn’t isolated to just the Brit’s and most of Europe …we have too many of our own similar spineless episodes to count. Consider for a moment our tail wagging the dog response to something as ridiculous as the handling of the complaints from Muslim terrorists at Gitmo.  U.S. guards at Gitmo are now under instructions to handle copies of the Koran only when wearing gloves. The reason for this is that the detainees regard infidels as “unclean.” Are you kidding me? These are the same men who haven’t bathed in this decade? That said, its one thing for the Islamists to think ‘infidels’ are unclean, and quite another for the ‘infidels’ to agree with them – and, in doing so, validate their bigotry!

The USA is clearly the most powerful nation in the history of our world but it’s also one that is being defeated from the inside. People all of the nukes in the world can’t defeat our own stupidity.  If it continues to be a war of attrition then we are in big trouble because with the uber high birthrate in the Muslim world the country of Yemen will have more people in it than Russia and when Yemeni’s are born they are born angry…those first screams are cries of anger and defiance and not a gasp for their first breath of free air.  The world just isn’t that into us these days and it’s not for any specific reason …it’s for every reason!  When you add that fact to the very grim reality that like Europe we have fallen victim to the dull opiate of multiculturalism…our enemies have figured out that they don’t need to fly airliners into skyscrapers to bring us to our knees …all that is required is for them to tell us they ‘are offended’ and thrown down some wild accusations about a lack of multicultural sensitivity and we will gladly nuke ourselves.

Our very own Diversity Czar came out recently telling us that the term ‘hold down the fort’ should no longer be used because it’s offensive to Native Americans. For that matter so is the term “let’s all get together and have a quick pow wow on next week’s scheduling”  ( a friend of mine was suspended for a day at work for saying that exact phrase) I couldn’t even make this stuff up.

 In the 14th century the “Black Death” wiped out a third of the Continent’s population; in the twenty-first, a larger proportion will disappear – basically by choice. We are living through a rare moment: the self-extinction of the civilized world in favor of the 3rd world. We have all read examples where a remote backward tribe has expired from simply being exposed to the modern world, but for the modern world to expire in favor of the backward tribes is a turn of events future anthropologists will no doubt scratch their heads and ponder, as we do the fall of Rome. We need to stop concerning ourselves with who we might, or might not be offending… and start using our heads instead. Liars can figure but figures don’t lie …


If it’s any consolation ..sooner or later God’s gonna cut us down

  1. Great article Cameron. I have shared and encouraged others to read and share. Thank you for the time and effort you put into research and sharing the truth.

  2. Don Slinn said:

    Isn’t it prosperity that leads the developed world to decrease their birthrate? Careers and raising children conflict from a self centered perspective? It used to be we believed in the stay at home mom, economic pressures, and wanting the keep up with the Joneses lifestyle have caused most women to pursue careers and a second income, to have a second car and a bigger home and better vacations. For most there is a strong economic incentive to minimize the cost of children. For a long time the mantra of doom was that overpopulation would lead to a Malthusian crisis. Do second and third generation immigrants lower their birth rate as their prosperity increases in a society? My brother and sister both decided not to have children, more from a perspective of self interest, and their justification is that the world has enough people. They’d rather enjoy their life than pass on the gift. Circumstances of course influenced things. Divorce is a common issue. As divorce has surged to 50%, birth rates have decreased by 50%, Coincidence? So who is left having kids? Mormons and Catholics? I had 5, thanks to my Mormon ex-wife. Not many want to try that kind of child support on for size. But if my new young wife would agree, I’d love to have more children. For her it is not so much an economic issue as a focus issue, she wants to interact with adults, and not stay at home minding babies. I think people who minimize their children will have less joy overall, and maybe less trials, than those who procreate.

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