A President of the World Doesn’t Cut it …We Need a President of the United States of America!

September 15, 2012 4:00 A.M.

Obama vs. the First Amendment
He has given too much ground to Islamists.
By Andrew C. McCarthy

Democrats and their sharky Obamedia defense lawyers are in a snit. For three dreamy convention days in Charlotte, they told themselves that, for the first time in decades, it was their guy who had the upper hand when it came to national security. Now that bubble has burst, the way contrived narratives do when they crash into concrete challenges. At that point, an airy president of the world won’t do; we need to have a president of the United States, a job that has never suited, and has never been of much interest to, Barack Obama. CONTINUED AT THE SOURCE …NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE

    • Barring some unforseen gaffe Romney will win the election. The other ‘Black Swan” event who’s impact can’t be forecast or properly weighted is the effect of the swing states switching to the new ‘paperless’ electronic voting machines …which is an unconsciounable decision…especially after the code has now been spread all over the internet so anyone with a brain and a BA in programming can hack and hijack the election. Let me know if you would like me to explain to you why the recent polls are anywhere from 6-14% wrong in Osama’s favor…:)

      • Cameron, if you can believe, after Romney’s catastrophic week of stupidity and cluelessness, that he’s on the way to a win, you can believe anything. “Unforeseen gaffe?!!!?? What the hell do you think has been falling out of his mouth for the last two weeks? He finally, on the “secret video”, came and said what he really thinks and feels about the 47% of Americans that he doesn’t have to care about. Unfortunately, many of them are his own most-loyal supporters. In my job, I have talked to hundreds of retirees in red states like Arizona and Utah. These are rock-solid Republicans who are now TOTALLY dependent on Social Security and Medicare to keep themselves alive, with a roof over their head. They didn’t start out that way, of course. This is my mother’s generation. They moved down to Arizona with stock portfolios, savings and even small, part-time jobs. They played golf and thought they could retire. But old age, family emergencies and the devastating losses of the Bush Recession have stripped it all away. They worked hard all their lives and thought that they were Romney’s people. They sacrificed to send their kids to school. If you could have heard the barely-concealed dismay and desperation in their voices as they told me that an additional $6.00 a month was something they couldn’t even consider. you might have a different view of those “culture of dependency” folks that your boy likes to shoot his mouth off about. Maybe by election day, a few of them will figure out that he’s sneering at THEM.

      • Robert …I don’t know who is going to win the election …I know this country won’t survive 4 more years of incompetence, double dealing against the american people, and non stop lying from the leader of the free world. Even if the people could somehow stand it then the economy clearly can’t. Your grandmothers retirement has been stolen by the federal reserve cartel who just announced to the world that they were going to pump 40+ billion dollars in fresh never circulated american dollars into the economy with no limit and no end in sight. What that means is that bernake and the rest of the banksters who run things are swooping for the kill as they steal whats left of this country’s resources …and the good news is they are going to do it with the money that we paid back with interest as though it were real for the last 50+ years. You want to see your grandmothers retirement made completely worthless? See how well she is able to eat during the coming inhflationary spiral that is just around the corner. If Obama does find a way to recount ballots enough times to win then wait until he sees the mess he is going to inherit this time around. The people who pull his chain and call out the tune and the dance for him to dance too would just as soon see every single person die just fast enough that they would be able to bury the dead before dying themselves so long as it could all happen in 5 years or less. More later my plane is boarding

      • Cameron, if I said my grandmother, I misspoke. My grandmothers are both long dead,God rest their souls. I was talking about my mother. Fortunately, she still has a nice portfolio, which together with her social security, allows her to live very comfortably. She lives across the street, and I go over frequently to help her with various things, including her gardening. She is now 93 years old, still in good health, still driving and still working in her garden, etc. She told me that she doesn’t pay Federal income taxes, so that puts her squarely in Romney’s 47%. But she and my dad worked hard all their lives to make sure they could retire and enjoy their old age. She uses Medicare too, and has an AARP supplemental policy that takes care of all her medical expenses, which are minimal, given her age. Of course, she and dad paid the “payroll taxes” that fund social security and medicare all of their working lives. Their benefits arise from a social contract and were earned. I too am eligible for Medicare, but I still work a full-time job at age 68 and continue to pay payroll taxes too. I’m not sitting on my couch looking for a government handout. I’ve used Veterans benefits for medical care during short periods when I was hurting, but then I did serve the country in Vietnam.

        As for lying, Mitt Romney is the most flagrant, blatant, pants-on-fire liar I have ever seen run for public office. This alone disqualifies him for presidential office, as far as I am concerned. If his lips are moving, he’s usually lying. Just compare the Politifact ratings on some recent statements: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/. Here are Romney’s ratings: http://www.politifact.com/search/?q=Romney. You can do your own research.

        We will never agree on policy, and I’m afraid we won’t even be able to agree on the facts. Republicans and right-wing fringers such as yourself, live in their own factual universe.

        What I am increasingly sure of now is that Obama is going to win and Mitt Romney is going to lose. That’s a good thing. As I have often said, it’s time for our conservative party to have a time of soul searching to see how they can play a useful….as opposed to an obstructive and destructive….role in our government. I think you’ll have four more years to work on that, and maybe a lot more.

        Best personal regards.


      • For starters politifact was originated for the sole purpose of supporting left wing talking points …with that said the politifact I read in the paper today called Obama a BALD FACED LIAR over the lie he has been spreading that the fast and furious gun walking scandal had started under Bush (go figger) …the 517 page investigation concluded that it did NOT start under Bush …it started under Obama and therefore his statement to the contrary was “Pants on Fire” …another big fat lie

  1. I doubt that you will read any of this, but here is a chronicle of Mitt’s most outrageous lies. I have never before seen a political campaign…and I’m an old guy….so utterly BASED ON lies as Mitt Romney’s. The guy is very nearly a pathological liar, that is, someone that is unable to distinguish between truth and falsehood, and therefore routinely tells whatever lie is most conducive to his immediate objectives. Anyway, here’s Mitt’s Mendacity: http://maddowblog.msnbc.com/_news/2012/09/28/14141251-chronicling-mitts-mendacity-vol-xxxvi?lite

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