Lies, Damn Lies, the Liars Who Tell Them, and their King …Obama!

Lies, Damn Lies and the Liars Who Tell Them and their King …Obama!

by Cameron E. Jordan

Greetings world! …I discovered what it takes to make me feel like writing my own analysis of recent events …something so infuriating and dishonest that it boggles the mind …that’s what. Please repost this or a link to it or to some other article on this fraud so that the word goes out both far and wide… To do nothing is to accept that you are easily mis-led sheep and a tacit acceptance of the ‘idiot’ brand that Obama and Axelrod and the reast of the “fraud squad” have burned into your brain.

Only someone with a single digit IQ won’t immediately see through this latest desperate bit of manufactured news courtesy of the most dishonest despot in the history of our Republic. What am I talking about? Why the latest unemployment numbers of course…Let’s have a closer look at those numbers and I will show you what I mean.

Let me start by giving you some foundational background
For the last year the private sector has been adding an average of 134,000 jobs per month. In September, the number of new private jobs added was 114,000. So you are no doubt thinking:

“Jeez Cameron how did the jobless rate go down under 8% with numbers so low that we aren’t even keeping up with the expansion of the labor force?”

The short answer is this: Obama just got his ass handed to him by Romney in this weeks debate …it’s all anyone is talking about and since he can’t manufacture another fake assassination or some other manly show of testosterone to distract us he does the next best thing. The news media and all of the pundits routinely remind us that no sitting President has ever been re-elected with the unemployment rate over 8% …We know it …they know it …Axelfraud knows it and therefore so does Obama.


With that in mind hang on to your new green cards folks because you won’t believe the month we just had … according to the BLS, during September over 800,000 (yes, eight hundred thousand) “respondents” (phone survey by BLS) suddenly now report themselves as being “employed”. This number consists of “respondents” who report that they are now working “for themselves”. You know, selling knick knacks and paddy whacks on E-Bay, mowing lawns for their neighbors, etc. Essentially, during September, 800,000 folks started their own “new businesses”. (yes eight hundred freaking thousand) In statistics we call numbers that fall outside the normal distribution ‘outliers’ …but that is being much too kind because technically an “outlier” is any data point more than 1.5 interquartile ranges (IQRs) below the first quartile or above the third quartile. (***See example illustration below) anything that falls outside of the outlier zone those of us in statistics just call those “liars” and that is what we are dealing with here…only in this example that liar has a name and that name is Obama.


I am not criticizing people for taking the initiative and doing what they can to generate some cash flow by starting their own new businesses. If you haven’t figured it out already …here is the rub: People have been doing this for all of the last 48 months…every month, and in fact they do it more during the summer months than any other… The difference between September and previous months? For the preceding twelve months, these “new business jobs created” have averaged around 45,000 per month. But in September, this number explodes to 800,000??? So let’s keep this simple by whacking off some zeros so that 45,000 jobs = 4.5 etc. and see where this incredible new number falls into our data set shall we?


For the data 2 (20,000 of these home jobs), 5 (50,000 etc.), 6, 9, and 12 (120,000 jobs) for the months leading up to September we have the following five-number summary:
Minimum = 2
First quartile = 3.5
Median = 6
Third quartile = 10.5
Maximum = 12
IQR = 10.5 – 3.5 = 7, so 1.5•IQR = 10.5.

To determine if there are outliers you must consider the numbers that are 1.5•IQR or 10.5 beyond the quartiles.

First quartile – 1.5•IQR = 3.5 – 10.5 = –7
Third quartile + 1.5•IQR = 10.5 + 10.5 = 21

Since none of the data are outside the interval from –7 to 21, there are no outliers. Now Plug 800,000 new jobs in September into this mix…(or 80) and you get ….Holy Guacamole!!! These numbers aren’t just cooked, they defy my ability to fantasize! This type of an outlier is always disregarded because when performing least squares fitting** to data, it is often best to discard them before computing the line of best fit.
Further proof that the crooked propagandists in the MSM are in the bag for the commie will infuriate you because all they are going to announce is that:


They will not report the fraudulent methodology and underpinnings behind this number..they won’t report that the odds of you winning the lottery are better than this actually happening in September in this economy and they won’t shine the bright light they are supposed too shine on this cheap 2 bit huckster…constitutional fraud and charlatan shoveling the BS at us like we all rode the short buses to school. It’s wrong …it’s a lie …it’s insulting but it is the reality of who this man and his people are.
If voters do not recognize the “amazing good luck” these numbers represent for Barack Obama and the Democrats, 2 days after the biblical ass kicking he took on international TV and one month before the election, we must be at least as dumb as Obama proved himself to be in his debate this week.


Of all the dishonesty associated with the Obama Administration, and there has been a mountain of that already exposed, this one rises to an all-time new high in deceit and dishonesty. We will find out in four weeks if the American electorate, with the complicity of the MSM, is as stupid as Obama thinks…or if, as I suggest, Americans are far more intelligent and informed than Obama gives them credit for. If Obama continues to get away with this kind of lying then there really isn’t anything he won’t do and when the black choppers come looking for you and me and the rest of the people who believe in the experiment called America then the first people who should swing at the end of our ropes should be the members of the media who failed in their duties as the 5th estate.

  1. Unfortunately, virtually all commentators (including David Gergen for God’s sake) have concluded that it was Mitt Romney who was “flat out lying.” But I don’t need the commentators to tell me. We’ll just have to see what happens on November 6. Tomorrow, I will be out canvassing for Obama. God help us if the empty suit, who is now doing his usual 180, gets elected. He gets to ride on Air Force One. The country gets fucked.
    Robert, Proud member of the 47%

    • The “Empty Suit” already has the job Robert …Romney’s resume reads like a businessmans wet dream …every single thing the man has ever tried to do he has done succesfully….and not just sort of succesfully REAL SUCCESFULLY! And the list is long and wide. Do you have any idea of the clout and prestige that accompanies a job or even an unpaid internship at Bain and Co.? lately it has been the #1 predictor for whether or not an applicant will be offered admission to the #1 hardest to get into business school in the world! (Yup Stanford GSB) The company he started isn’t just another run of the mill private equity firm on wall street …it is one of THE most important firms on Wall Street.

      You really need to tune up your hearing because those same pundits also gave the win for the biggest liar on stage during the debate to the world record holder …Barry Obama. You guys are so polarized and so planted on the wrong side of history that even after he commits some of histories most far reaching blunders …like lighting the entire middle east on fire and ousting leaders who may not have been Time’s Man of the Year candidates but who weren’t the muslim brotherhood either … what in the hell was he thinking? You mark my words what he has done in the middle east will go down as the most destructive and destabalizing act by a sitting american president in history. We can’t have 4 more years of amateur hour robert… It’s time for someone who can do the job and do it effectively to have it

  2. See also said:

    We can cross-blog… What a sham these numbers are. Chicago politics have finally come in in full swing. These numbers are about as believable as American Airlines expecting us to believe that their seat problem is coincidental and due to soda in the seat tracks. (Found this via the American Mensa FB page)

  3. simple truth said:

    Just goes to show you that this election will come down to the stupidity of the American public. If they (we) are stupid enough to buy the “new” numbers, we deserve to suffer and perish. The kicker of it is it is the democrats that believe the population is stupid, the conservatives have faith in the common sense of the American people. If you like being lied to, Obama is your choice, Stupid!

    • Right on! exactly correct 100%. Too many idiots in this country. I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone can be stupid enough to vote for Chairman O!

      • You mean you’re not going to vote for Mao-bama? lol

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