Some Uncomfortable Facts about Israel and Apartheid and their Wholesale Human Rights Violations We Should not be Supporting!

A few uncomfortable facts about the Israeli occupation of Palestine

If all you did was watch network (and cable) news and read US newspapers which are all owned and tightly controlled by pro-Israel zionists you would not know that the Palestinians are under occupation and Israel has control over all major resources in the occupied lands. Land confiscation, structural constraints, arbitrary restrictions imposed on the population and daily military attacks by the Israeli military has a detrimental impact on the Palestinian economic development. For all of you people who think that supporting Israel is the right and moral thing to do let me brief you on what conditions are like situation in the occupied lands: Israel is one of the biggest human rights violators on the planet and what they are doing …with our support, should haunt the consciences of every single freedom and civil rights loving American. Here is what you don’t and won’t read in the papers or see on the news:

“The Palestinian territory that includes the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem has been under Israeli occupation since 1967. During the first two decades of the occupation, the Israeli military introduced regulations and restrictions aimed at shaping the occupied economy according to the requirements of Israel’s interests. It controlled the types of fruit and vegetables that could be planted and distributed for the purpose of creating dependency, undermine competition and facilitate confiscation of land and water. Israel used the licenses to restructure the industries in line with its needs while suppressing all competition, and it reoriented the Palestinian work force to provide cheap labor to Israel.

Since 1994, when managing the daily lives of the Palestinians was transferred to the PA, the West Bank was divided into Areas A, B, and C and designated areas H1 and H2 in the City of Hebron, each area has its own laws and regulations. Israel created Jewish only areas in the form of settlements, industrial parks and military bases that are strategically dispersed throughout the territory and connected by a massive network of Jewish only highways and bypass roads. Areas A and B where majority of the Palestinians reside are not contiguous. They have been split into more than two hundred enclaves, making it extremely difficult for the Palestinian residents to travel from one enclave to another.
The Jewish only settlements and roads have divided the major population centers into communities living in multitude of disconnected enclaves and the military enforces restrictions on movement of people and products. Israel controls the legitimate movement of the occupied inhabitants through a series of permits and decrees backed by checkpoints, patrols and closures. Israeli military has erected hundreds of checkpoints and constructed the separation wall that subdivided the isolated enclaves into even smaller isolated communities. Even the President of the PA, the Prime-Minister and members of his cabinet need written permits to travel in the territory.

The Palestinians’ economy under the PA has been crippled as a consequence of the Israeli occupation. The shrinking economy in the West Bank as well as the poverty and starvation of the people in Gaza enclave are an Israeli man-made disaster and unfortunately, this is sanctioned by the US. According to the 2009 international Monetary Fund report, the economy of the West Bank, that was not bombed or sealed completely like Gaza was “stalling and a failure” due to the tightened restrictions of movement and free access to the outside world. Israel’s unchallenged control of the occupied land blocked the indigenous Palestinians from controlling their resources, the land, water, borders and commerce.

Palestinians’ houses and even villages are being demolished daily especially in Area C; building permits are not issued; the farmers are not allowed to dig wells more than one third as deep as the Israeli settlers; and Israel restricts access to the land needed to meet Palestinian population growth. Israel confiscated privately owned land by first converting it into state property or “closed for military reasons” then into settlements and bypass roads. Israel diminished the areas accessible to Palestinian economic and agricultural development. Palestinians are denied access to more than forty-two percent of the West bank. Closing borders by Israel has disrupted commerce and limited trade with neighboring Arab countries. And the occupation made the Palestinians captive consumers for the Israeli products and Israel has control over Palestinian’s taxation.

The olive and its oil have always been a major source of income for the Palestinian farmers. The Israeli military and the settlers have been destroying olive orchards in many localities and prevented the farmers from harvesting what was left of their trees. Settlers harass and shoot at farmers trying to harvest their olive crop and quite often uproot and torch olive-laden trees.

Since the Gaza Strip has been ruled by the Islamist movement in June 2006, the Strip has been declared “enemy entity” by Israel with backing from the US. This meant tightening the siege on the strip, preventing movements of people and merchandise across the borders, shutting off fuel and power to its residents and crippling its economy in the process. Israel reduced the diesel supplies to Gaza thus no electricity for homes and businesses, no sewage treatment, no irrigation or drinking water and no fuel to power hospitals electrical generators. The siege created shortage of raw materials, ranging from computer parts to cement and steel, destroyed Gaza’s small industry, shut out construction and hindered any economic development. The siege created severance between Gaza and the West Bank, reduced trade between the two regions and affected patients who required medical treatment in Israel. The Strip population that constitutes 40% of the Palestinians under occupation is left dependent on the meager international aid when Israel allows it to bring relief supplies shipments.

Before the siege, ocean fishing had been one of the main industries in Gaza where more than 40,000 people made their living, and fish was a major source of protein for the population. Israel has restricted Gaza’s fishermen from laying their nets beyond three miles from Gaza’s shores. The International Solidarity Movement estimated the average catch dropped from 3000 tons per year in the early 1990s to less than 500 “due to the Israeli siege.”

After the three-week Israeli attack in December 2008 on Gaza, which followed two years of economic siege, between 35% and 60% of the agriculture industry has been wrecked, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Christine Nieuwenhuve, the World Food Program’s Director said, “We are hearing that 60% of the land in the north may not be exploited anymore.” The FAO estimated that the business of 13,000 families who depended on herding and farming suffered significant damage.

Governor Mitt Romney’s statement about the Palestinian economy and culture is consistent with the American presidential campaigns tradition of pandering for American Jewish money and voters to support their candidacies. When Senator Barrack Obama was running for the high office in 2009, he visited the Israeli town of Sderot, Israel was dropping smart bombs on the besieged and starved people of Gaza killing and injuring hundreds of civilians, and the Palestinians retaliated with sporadic home-made rockets fired on Israel’s southern area that did not kill or injure any Israelis. Instead of acting as a statesman urging both sides to stop violence, Obama asked for more Palestinian blood in an emotional plea. He told the Israelis: “If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that. And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.” According to the American political analyst Alan Dershowitz, “This heartfelt statement [of Obama] sealed the deal for many supporters of Israel.” By Hasan Afif El-Hasan

Israel is a terrorist nation who actively practices a system of apartheid that would make South Africa blush and the worst part of it is that this is all done with our knowledge and approval …what have we become?

  1. The MAD Jewess said:

    Good 4 Israel, stay Apartheid, thats what we should do with our own borders.

    • The Zionists who control Israel and the USA aren’t interested in whats going on within their own borders. They are imperialistic neocons who’s goal isn’t to conquer a countries people …but to conquer it’s currency and use that power to control it’s people and steal it’s natural resources. They are students of the Talmud and not the Torah and peace and cooperation is not in their vocabulary and never will be as long as they see the Goyim as cattle and themselves as God’s chosen people who are superior to everyone else. They are the grandmasters of manipulation. If apartheid is wrong (and it is) …then it’s wrong for everyone. If Israel truly wanted to live peacefully and be a good citizen of the world then they wouldn’t have been responsible for what happened on 9-11 and on every false flag event that has happened before and since including the staged drama the government tried to sell us about killing Osama Bin Laden. Sorry MAD Jewess I understand what you were trying to say and am sympathetic to our own need to shut down our borders and purge ourselves of the criminal illegals … but not the way Israel goes about things

      • The MAD Jewess said:

        “Zionists” do NOT control AmeriKa, BOLSHEVIKS do. And, you really must be a dolt. Israel has given away over 70% of its land.
        Go get an education, read. Seek, and you will find that the only thing you are touting is BS.

      • You are arguing like a MAD lefty…I didn’t insult you …I agreed with your ends and politely disagreed with your means. I will gladly put my educational credentials up against yours or anyone else’s. You will have to trust that on this topic I know more than you do. Not to say there isn’t a Bolshevik type of influence over Obama by way of the union influence that got him elected…but those guys get pushed to the side whenever Israel needs us to go be their leg breakers in some country with the audacity to control their own currency without a zionist central bank collecting all of the vigorish. When the global financiers whom Obama sold his soul too tell him to jump …he asks how high! Sorry I wish I were wrong

      • The MAD Jewess said:

        ‘ Goyim as cattle’ —->>>INSANE.

        And, really quite RUDE. Seeing that I am only 1/4 ethnic Jew and also I am Christian, did I come here and start dumping on YOUR beliefs?
        NO. You are just a Jew hater. So, don’t ramble on how you love Jesus, he IS a JEW.
        “False flag” is happening now, and you are stuck on this 9/11 crap?? BUSH is a non-JEW, it was HIS idea to do what he did.

        “Borders?” Excuse me, MA’AM? I lived in a sanctuary city–NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY on the blogosphere is as forceful as I with shutting the border. I have worked PHYSICALLY to shut the borders down. AND been vandalized AND shot at for doing so.

        I live in AZ.
        I lived in Mexifornia for 20 yrs. I HAVE been shot at. I believe that AZ should be 100% Apartheid just as I believe Israel should do.

        Do some facts before you make aim and learn to shoot your darts with greater accuracy.
        You left yourself WIDE open.
        You should start caring more for America first over Israel, Miss.

      • I am quite aware of the false flag events taking place as we speak …and they aren’t being committed by Bolsheviks MAD J. I don’t know what I could have said that led you to believe that I care at all about Israel. I don’t. Every problem …every war …every nasty little deceitful manipulation that takes place today seems to have peace loving Israel’s fingerprints all over it …they steal our technology, they spy on us, they sell our secrets to our enemies and they attack and kill our citizens yet somehow they manage to sell the idea to a majority of Americans that they are our friend and ally. Zionists have no allies …just people they use. In the Talmud the word Goyim is used to denote non jews and puts them on the same level as animals or cattle …look it up

  2. Thank you for educating those that dont know what is happening on the other side. Our tax dollars must stop going to Israel and should be used to improve our education department and other area. Amazing and well researched article Cameron!

    • Thanks Nauman I have this thing about being manipulated like I am so stupid I won’t know the difference and anyone who thinks we don’t have one of the most controlled media in the world is on crack.

      • The MAD Jewess said:

        ‘ being manipulated like I am so stupid’ You ARE being manipulated. AND brainwashed to not research.
        You just have an INSANE hatred for all Jews, that’s all.
        You have traded leftist brainwashing for Jew hating propaganda.

        Yep, there are Erav Rav Jews that are evil, but they do NOT out-number non Jews that are just as evil and even more evil like Barack HUSSEIN Obama, a MUSLIM.

      • I walked out of the cave long ago, living most of my life overseas gave me the necessary perspective to see exactly whats going on and why…it has nothing to do with hating jews…thats the handy fallback used on everyone who criticizes israel for being the number 1 exporter of terrorism in the history of the world

    • The MAD Jewess said:

      Our tax dollars fund Benghazi, Egypt as well as 22 other nations.

  3. PA security forces are currently deployed in all major cities of the West Bank, and violence in these areas has decreased markedly since a series of PA security campaigns that started in 2007.Among major West Bank cities, the level of violence is lowest in Jericho, Bethlehem, and Ramallah. Bethlehem, one of the most important religious sites to members of the Christian faith, is a significant stop for many pilgrims. U.S. government employees frequently travel in the West Bank with appropriate security measures.

  4. On June 30, 2004, the Supreme Court of Israel ruled that a portion of the barrier west of Jerusalem violated the rights of Palestinians, and ordered 30 km of existing and planned barrier to be rerouted. However, it did rule that the barrier is legal in essence and accepted the Israeli government’s assertion that it is a security measure. On July 9, 2004, the International Court of Justice issued an advisory opinion that it is a violation of international law. At the beginning of September 2004, Israel started the southern part of the barrier.

  5. Das Westjordanland ( arabisch ‏الضفة الغربية‎, DMG aḍ-Ḍaffatu ‘l-Ġarbiyya, aḍ-Ḍiffatu ‘l-Ġarbiyya, hebräisch הגדה המערבית haGada haMa’arawit) oder Westbank ( englisch West Bank), auch Cisjordanien, in Israel offiziell Judäa und Samaria ( hebräisch ‏יהודה ושומרון‎ Jehuda we’Schomron) ist ein Gebiet im Nahen Osten westlich von Jordanien und östlich von Israel mit einer Fläche von etwa 5800 km², davon 220 km² Wasser. Von den rund 2.400.000 Bewohnern des Gebiets (Schätzung 2012) sind 83 Prozent Palästinenser , davon 8 Prozent Christen , und 17 Prozent Juden , die in schätzungsweise 355 israelischen Siedlungen und ihren Außenposten leben.

  6. Palestinian heros has full rights to defend itself against TERRORIST STATE Israel till sunrise from westward. the UN, the West, Economist, Anonymous, online international community, MEast experts, academic fora, and the World acknowledge that rights. A 63% US now behind Palestine Nation. WWlll will be started by israeli panic worldwide.

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