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This examination of the subtext of “The Wizard Of Oz” was recently sent to me. Because it’s so damn interesting and because there is so much more, I have added to it (see bottom of email). For those of you who have never heard of this take on this classic story, do take the time to check it out. There is far too much for it all to be just a coincidence. That is, unless you’re a “coincidence theorist.” bwh
The Real Meaning Of “The Wizard of Oz”
“The Wizard of Oz,” written by L. Frank Baum, is not a mere child’s story.
What is “Oz” a symbol for? Ounces. What is measured in ounces? Gold. What is  the yellow brick road? Bricks or ingot bars of gold.  The character known as the Straw Man represents that fictitious, ALL CAPS, legal fiction – a PERSON, the Federal U.S. Government created with the same spelling as your birth name. Remember what the Straw Man wanted from the Wizard of Oz? A Brain! No juristic person – legal  fiction – paper corporation has a brain because he/she has no breath of life. What did he get in place of a brain? A certificate: a Birth Certificate for a new legal creation. He was proud of his new legal status, plus all the other legalisms he was granted. Now he becomes the epitome of the brainless sack of straw who was given a certificate in place of a grain of common sense.
Now, what about the Tin Man? Does Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) recall anything to mind? The poor TIN Man just stood there mindlessly doing his work until his body literally froze up and stopped functioning. He worked himself to death because he had neither heart nor soul. He’s the heartless and emotionless creature robotically carrying out his daily task as though he were already dead. He’s the ox pulling the plow and the mule toiling under the yoke. These days, his task masters just oil him nightly with beer and place him in front of a hypnotic television until his very existence no longer has any meaning or value. His masters keep him cold on the outside and heartless on the inside in order to control any emotion or feeling that might arise.
The Cowardly Lion was always too frightened to stand up for himself. Of course, he was a bully and a big mouth when it came to picking on those smaller than he. (Have you ever noticed how bullies are really the biggest cowards? They act as though they have great courage, but, in reality, have none at all. They roar, but with no teeth of authority to back them up.) When push came to shove, the Cowardly Lion always buckled under and whimpered when anyone of any size or stature challenged him. He wanted courage from the Grand Wizard, so he was awarded a medal of “official” recognition. Now, although remaining a coward, his official status allowed him to be a bully, but with officially recognized authority. (He’s not unlike the Attorneys who hide behind the Middle Courts of the Temple Bar.) et al ad infinitum.
What about the trip through the field of poppies? Did you notice how this had no narcotic effect on the Straw Man (no brain) or the Tin Man (no heart or soul)? They weren’t real people, so drugs could not influence them. The Wizard of Oz was written at the turn of the century, so how could the author have known America was going to be drugged? The Crown has been playing the drug cartel game for centuries. Just look up the history of Hong Kong and the Opium Wars. The Crown already had valuable experience conquering all of China with drugs, so why  not the rest of the world? What was the Emerald City? The Federal Reserve System.
Who finally exposed the Wizard for what he really was? Toto, the ugly (or cute, depending on your perspective) and somewhat annoying little dog. Toto means “in total, all together; Latin in toto.” What was it that the witch wanted after she alleged that the little dog had bitten her? TOTO. … everything. Notice how Toto was not scared of the Great Wizard’s theatrics, yet he was so small in size, compared to the Wizard, that no one seemed to notice him? The smoke, flames and holographic images of Oz were designed to frighten people into doing as the Great Wizard commanded. Toto simply padded over, looked behind the curtain (the COURT, etc.), saw it was a scam, started barking until others paid attention to him and came to see what all the barking was about. Who was behind the curtain? Just an ORDINARY PERSON controlling the levers that created the illusion of the Great Wizard’s power and authority. When Toto pulled back the curtain and completely exposed him, the charade was at an end. (The veil hiding the corporate legal fiction and its false courts was removed.) The Wizard’s game was UP. What was he after all? …. a con-man. A FRAUD.
We can see, in this tale, just how loud the bark from a little dog can be. How bout YOUR bark? How big is it? Most of us remain silent and wait to be given whatever food and recognition, if any, by our legal master. Let us not forget those pesky flying monkeys. What perfect mythical creatures to represent the Bar Association Attorneys who attack and control the little people for the Great Crown Wizard, the powerful and grand Bankers of Oz: GOLD! How, finally, was the  evil witch destroyed? …. pure, clean water LIQUIDATION! How, at last, did Dorothy get home? She simply clicked her heels. She always had the power, and SO DO WE! What would it take to expose the Wizard for what he is, tearing away his veils? We each need only a brain, a heart and soul — and COURAGE. Then, and perhaps of the greatest importance, we need to learn HOW to WORK TOGETHER. Only “in TOTO,” WORKING TOGETHER as ONE Body of the King of Kings, (whatever name or form that may take for each of us), can we have the freedom given to us. Thought this would be refreshing in light of this continual topic and need for resolution.
Also, note that Dorothy did not have a mother or father reference… i.e. no sense of who she was or from where her direct heritage came. In this case, Dorothy’s legal guardian was obscurely named Aunt “Em” or “M” for money. That means that money was her “legal tender.” Get the double meaning? Even James Bond has to answer to “M.” And, who is “M’s” secret-ary? Miss Moneypenny. And speaking of money, “tin” was a term for valueless coins back in the day. So, “Tinman” had more than one meaning as the value of our money was degenerating once the Fed came along and produced coins with little or no gold or silver in them and nothing with “witch” to back them.
Let’s also not forget that the Wicked Witch of the “West” represented the bankers of the New World (America) who would control its resources and people legally (flying monkeys) and psychotropically (poppies). Dorothy’s house (equity) landed upon and killed the Witch of the “East,” representing a false sense of security that people from Europe felt when they trekked to the New World. Note how the “little people” began singing Dorothy’s praises when she accidentally killed one of the “banking” witches. But, wait. This Witch was from the East, the Old World. So, again a reminder of their false sense of security through song.
Though, to her benefit, what often protected Dorothy throughout her journey was the ruby slippers, which were previously in the possession of the late Witch of the East. In Baum’s original story written at the turn of the century, Dorothy’s shoes were silver. In other words, she was backed by silver and, therefore, protected against anything that might come her way. The shoes always kept their value and strength even against a scary new banker (or witch in this case). Interestingly, the movie was made just shortly after the Great Depression, which included the government’s vicious “gold grab” on behalf of the bankers and wall street.
Further, what was it that awakened the “organics” (Dorothy, the Lion and Toto) in the poppy field? Glenda, the (supposed) good witch covered them in snow. Snow? Nah! It was cocaine (actually a legal stimulant at the time and in Coke, of course), which worked against the effects of the poppy-based opium. Therefore, Glenda is also a ruse of so-called benevolence regardless of the legality of cocaine at the time (we’ve seen its effects today).
And, notice at the end of the film, this “good” witch knew the secret that would get Dorothy home all along, but didn’t tell her right away. What a bitch! Perhaps, this was Glenda’s way of having Dorothy learn her own lesson. But, as stated previously, the prizes given by the newly humbled wizard were themselves ruses… ersatz representations of cures and freedoms. So, this journey, or lesson, was ultimately futile.
At the end, the wizard, once he is forced to admit his trickery and subsequently provides his empty gifts, he is not even “charged” by “the people” of the land. He is forgiven and let go to fly away (escape) in a balloon of all things. My guess is that, no matter how often “we the people” maintain vigilance to uproot these banking night crawlers, the message here is that, because of our naiveté, one of them always gets away to start the vicious financial cycle all over again in some New World.
At the end, Dorothy discovers that it was all a dream, “witch” means that whatever lesson she learned she did so while asleep.
And now, here’s the really, really big one that might be difficult even for those who already acknowledge the financial subtext of the story to digest. “Hollywood” was created and commissioned by the Illuminati for the purposes of social engineering and mass thought control. Knowing this, note that the desired look and effect that the filmmakers chose for the wizard to use in order to intimidate and scare “the people” into submission was, in fact, quite…

More than half of U.S. citizens believe that most or all of the country’s 11 million illegal immigrants should be deported, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – More than half of U.S. citizens believe that most or all of the country’s 11 million illegal immigrants should be deported, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday that highlights the difficulties facing lawmakers trying to reform the U.S. immigration system.
The online survey shows resistance to easing immigration laws despite the biggest push for reform in Congress since 2007.

Thirty percent of those polled think that most illegal immigrants, with some exceptions, should be deported, while 23 percent believe all illegal immigrants should be deported.

Only 5 percent believe all illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States legally, and 31 percent want most illegal immigrants to stay.

These results are in line with other polls in recent years, suggesting that people’s views on immigration have not changed dramatically since the immigration debate reignited in Congress last month, according to Ipsos pollster Julia Clark.

Here you go …Let your Congressman KNow where the Majority of America Stands!


The Prophecy of the Popes

In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit.

 Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oves in multis tribulationibus, quibus transactis civitas septicollis diruetur, & judex tremedus judicabit populum suum. Finis.

This may be translated into English as:

“In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit [i.e., as bishop]. Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge his people”

The End.


The famous “prophecy of the popes,” attributed to Saint Malachy nearly 1000 years ago, is a list of 112 short Latin phrases that describe the Roman Catholic popes beginning with Pope Celestine II (elected in 1143) through the successor of current pope Benedict XVI. The reign of the final pope, Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman), is predicted to end in the destruction of the city of Rome.

The recently published book, “ Petrus Romanus the Final Pope is Here,” by co-authors CRIS PUTNUM and Thomas Horn and reveals startling information not found in any contemporary work. Exclusively revealed are several cryptographic schemes embedded in the Latin text which predict 2012 explicitly as the year of the final pope. These codes, originally discovered by a Jesuit scholar, were demonstrably in print over 60 years ago, long before the contemporary 2012 frenzy. There is no other book that deals with these amazing predictions and codes.

See the book’s video trailer:

“The Institute for Women’s Policy Research finds that life has improved for American women, but “big inequities persist” (November 17).   So that’s why 80 per cent of suicides are males, 95 per cent of workplace mortality is of males, and men live an average of 7 years less than women.  Oh, and 82 per cent of consumer spending is done by women.  Kind of makes up for the so-called wage gap, doesn’t it?

The federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is up for reauthorization…this time it needs to be tossed on the dung heap of good intentions and go away!  VAWA funds billions of taxpayer dollars to combat violence against women, principally domestic violence (DV).  This time around it’s sponsors are attempting to enlarge its trap to include american indian (women) and lesbians. The definition of DV used  by victim advocates runs the gamut from jokes and insults to murder, with “power and control” being the overriding characteristic of the man’s behavior towards the woman.  Real violence is rarely at issue. 

When women commit violence against men, VAWA and the DV “victim” industry go AWOL.  Despite the federal government’s own statistics showing then nearly 40 per cent of emergency room admissions for domestic violence are men, VAWA persists in its monolithic response. 

In the same way that some minority groups argue they cannot be racist because they aren’t in power in society, gender feminists contend women cannot commit DV because they can’t assert power and control over men.  Any violence committed by women is, by definition, either de minimus (it could not possibly have hurt him), or self-defense (SHE is the victim of HIS abuse). 

All interactions between partners are subject to this twisted logic.  When the relationship sours, the woman has an easy out:  “I am a victim of domestic violence and can do no wrong.”  VAWA supports and maintains female supremacy.  It should be re-titled Victory Assured for Women Act.  The problem that is so clear that Ray Charles can see it is this: women cannot handle the power they have been given responsibly.

VAWA’s gender bias permeates law enforcement response to domestic conflict.  All it takes is a woman calling 911 to summon three squad cars, teeming with police officers eager to carry out today’s “tough” domestic violence laws.  The centerpiece of the system is “mandatory arrest.”  Every domestic disturbance call must result in arrest, almost always the man. 

Domestic violence has turned into “whatever the man does that the woman doesn’t like”.  Declaring he is going to file for custody of the children is a “threat.”  Finding out she is having an affair and demanding she stop is “abuse.”  Unknown to most men, such exchanges often precipitate false charges of DV. 
Even when the facts clearly show the man is not an abuser (and perhaps the woman is), prosecutors refuse to drop charges.  “No-drop” policies are a great publicity tool, and a way to ensure more funding.  Charges that would never see the light of day if they happened between strangers on the street (accidentally bumping against someone when walking by), are routinely charged as DV “assault.”  (But only if the man does it to the woman; a man can be bleeding from a head wound and he won’t be considered a victim). 

Indiscriminate charging clogs the system with minor transgressions, yet ensures a steady stream of cases justifying more taxpayer money at budget time. I went to court with a friend of mine who had been accused of being an abuser complete with the requisite “restraining order’ that has produced more newly minted ‘felons’ out of respondents in divorce actions than our outdated marijuana laws.

Let’s face it, both spouses are usually at fault when a marriage ends.  Many women have discovered a surefire antidote against taking any responsibility: playing the domestic violence victim.  While the husband is reading the newspaper and relaxing after work, the wife is contacting the domestic violence hotline, getting step-by-step instructions on what to say:  “His abuse is escalating,” “I’m fearful for my safety.” 

VAWA funds battered women’s shelters and their misandrist staff, always ready to welcome another customer for their anti-male, anti-father and anti-family agenda.  Ask a victim advocate what causes domestic violence, and she will immediately blame our “patriarchal society,” ensuring that only men get the blame.  One might ask what causes women to abuse children.  Presumably, the patriarchy by proxy.  VAWA gives short shrift to child abuse, which is most often committed by women.  Indeed, VAWA earmarks a paltry $7000 per year to develop home visitation projects to look for signs of child abuse or neglect. 

To assure victory in the divorce/custody case, the woman claims the man is an abuser, no matter how good a husband and father he is.  Whatever wrongs he has committed, from leaving the toilet seat up to not making enough money, the failure of the marriage is his fault.  “No-fault” divorce laws really mean “no fault unless it’s the man’s fault.”  In other words, the Oprah-zation of family law. 

What we really have is MAWA: Men Annoying Women Act.  The man is either a relentless abuser or a hopeless wimp.  Any modern man not terrified of being in a relationship with a woman has not been paying attention. 

The government seems unable to define gender bias except as “bias against women.”  Title IX forces college sports programs to spend equal amounts of money on men’s and women’s sports, despite the fact that the vast majority of athletes are men.  Even though 1/3 of domestic violence murder victims are male, not one dime of VAWA’s largesse is devoted to prevention of violence against men.

Men are far more likely than women to be victims of violence overall, yet there’s no Violence Against Men Act. Men also comprise nearly all workplace injuries and deaths, but try to find a Male Workplace Injury Prevention Act.

VAWA is not about stopping violence.  It is about greedy special interests slopping at the federal trough, perpetuating gender supremacy for women.  If proponents were truly concerned about helping victims, they would demand that all intervention and funding be gender neutral and gender inclusive. 

The existence of male victims threatens gender feminists because it knocks the underpinnings out of their theory, that the “patriarchy” causes men to abuse women.  The DV industry has succeeded in creating the “victimarchy.”  With VAWA in their corner, women win no matter what: victim or abuser, they can do no wrong. 

Bits and Pieces
Apparently the MSM didn’t see the irony in the Obama Administrations silence over Egypt amended their Constitution recently to restore slavery in that country.
Obama Supports Slavery in Egypt
It’s no secret that Egyptian slavery is as old as the pyramids.
It’s also common knowledge that Barack Obama’s ancestors owned slaves.
So it’s really no surprise that he helped usher in a radical Egpytian regime that is restoring slavery.
According to the AP Egypt’s new constitution has dropped its ban on slavery:
Omissions of certain articles, such as bans on slavery or promises to adhere to international rights treaties, were equally worrying to critics of the new draft, who pulled out from the panel before the vote.
The Obama administration declined to criticize Egypt’s constitution despite its slavery clause. Go Figure!
“They sit silently as Vice President Joe Biden boasts that the administration will not permit the Constitution to get in its way of imposing further restrictions on guns. They say nothing as Obama proposes draconian solutions for mass shootings that violate the Second Amendment, downplay the real cause of the problems and outright ignore scientific research.
They are mute as Obama makes his dictatorial threats to take unilateral executive action if Republicans refuse to comply with his demands for more business-killing programs in service to the gods of global warming.
They dutifully disregard the inevitably negative consequences of Obama’s calls for increases in the minimum wage. At what point do these self-congratulatory people feel a tinge of remorse for promoting policies that harm the people they promise to help?”
I have always maintained that when the Poop hits the fan that the first people America loving patriots round up and toss into prison

Limbaugh: Obama’s Front Line Defense ….

The Hopelessly Irresponsible Mainstream Media

By: David Limbaugh
2/15/2013 01:46 PM
It seems the liberal media are more concerned about Sen. Marco Rubio’s mid-speech sip of water than about President Obama’s State of the Union commitment to double down on his disastrous policies.
What will it take for once-reasonable people to become alarmed at the state of this nation’s fiscal condition, its stagnant economy and its egregious unemployment? Is there no number of irresponsible liberal policies from an extremist liberal president that will exceed their willingness to tolerate? Do liberal media — and rank-and-file Democrats, for that matter — believe that this recklessness can go on forever?
Rand Paul on Obama’s Claim That He Cut $2 Trillion From Deficit: “In What Universe?” (Video)
By: Jim Hoft
2/15/2013 10:11 PM
Like most of you, I nearly fell out of my chair when Obama made the entirely false claim to have already trimmed over 2 trillion dollars from the deficit …Here is rand Paul’s (via Jim Hoft) take on this incredible lie from his SOTU address last week.
The Emperor Has No Clothes–
At least one Republican is willing to call out Obama on his outrageous deficit lies…
On “Capital Download, This Week with Susan Page,” Kentucky Senator Rand Paul discussed the role of the Tea Party, his view on immigration and his interest in a presidential campaign. When asked about Barack Obama’s claim to have “reduced the deficit by $2 Trillion,” Paul answers, “In what universe?”
We need more Republicans like Rand Paul.
Via Freedom’s Lighthous

Ever wonder who the most dangerous …most destructive, most determined liberals in the USA are today? Here you go …there is not set of people more dangerous to your continued liberties and freedoms than these 10 America hating leftwingers.

Top 10 most dangerous liberals

Top 10 most dangerous liberals

We have seen what rampant liberalism can do after these three-and-a-half years of misery. The left pushes an agenda that punishes success in order to spread the wealth around. It is important to know how some on the left operates:

1. President Obama
Give the former community organizer a second term in office and see the havoc that will follow. Unrestrained by political concerns, expect every possible left-wing policy to be enacted by executive order or through agency regulations. He already has taken us half-way to bureaucratic Gomorrah with his Obamacare travesty. The president has fulfilled his promise to transform America by making us more dependent on government.

2. George Soros
Most of the liberal infrastructure has been funded by financier George Soros. He has helped keep afloat such left-wing mainstays as Media Matters, Center for American Progress and, and donated heavily to the National Council of La Raza and Planned Parenthood. Funny how you don’t hear the left complain about the political influence of deep-pocketed donors when it comes to the billionaire sugar daddy for progressives.

3. Mainstream media
Led by the New York Times and the Washington Post, the mainstream media—which forgot to vet the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama in 2008—are making sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to Mitt Romney. From Romney’s high school antics to his wife’s equestrian hobby, the supposedly objective media are trying to make scandals out of triviality while shedding no lights on a failed administration.

4. Harry Reid
The Senate majority leader is dangerous because he is virtually inert. The upper chamber passes nothing of consequence while sitting on bills passed by the House. Under his leadership, the Senate has not produced a budget in years—disregarding a statutory duty. Reid’s inaction fits right into Obama’s strategy of attacking a “do-nothing Congress.”

5. Eric Holder
Under siege in the Fast and Furious scandal, the attorney general has dropped all pretenses and is brazenly using the DoJ to pursue a political agenda. The department filed suit against Arizona’s immigration law and Texas’ voter ID law and Holder continually plays the race card to excuse his power grabs. As the contempt of Congress charge  plays out, expect Holder to play hardball and lash out at critics.

6. Hollywood stars
With George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker hosting Obama fundraisers, Hollywood is mobilizing to get Obama reelected. Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand, Alec Baldwin and others love to lecture the rest of us about global warming and the evils of Wall Street. How about boycotting a movie with a known progressive as the star?

7. Lisa Jackson
The Environmental Protection Agency, under the direction of Lisa Jackson, is moving to control aspects of daily life in ways never imagined when the agency was formed. From enacting rules to combat global warming to regulating workplace dust, the EPA is pushing an agenda that couldn’t get through Congress even when Democrats controlled it.

8. Big Labor
With pro-union Hilda Solis heading the Labor Department and the National Labor Relations Board stacked in its favor, President Obama has returned the favor for the support Big Labor supplied for his election. He will need the unions even more in order to return for a second term. With the rest of his base lagging in enthusiasm, it will take the dedication of paid-union goons to get out the vote.

9. Janet Napolitano
For all the yapping from progressives about President George W. Bush’s disregard for the Constitution and the evils of the PATRIOT Act, there is little being said about the vast expansion of the Department of Homeland Security under Secretary Janet Napolitano. From groping Transportation Safety Administration workers to drones monitoring America, the massive agency is increasingly eroding our freedoms while trying to protect them.

10. Nancy Pelosi
It will take years, if not decades, to undo the damage done by the spending spree during Pelosi’s tenure as speaker of the House. From 2006 to 2010, the nation racked up trillions of dollars in debt, largely due to spending bills initiated by Pelosi’s Democratic House majority. And without her strong-armed tactics, Obamacare never would have become law.

If this list doesn’t scare you then… Shame on you! You haven’t been paying attention and it’s time you needed to start!

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