The French and the USA now fighting another war for the Banking Cartel in Mali!


You have probably seen a few headlines recently announcing that the world’s biggest nation of cowards …France, is currently on an excursion to “root out the evils of Islamic terrorists” and of course “al Qaeda”. Either the press is stupid or thinks we are because this military operation has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with the Global Banking syndicate telling France to go protect their interests in Mali which is home for the 3rd largest gold production in the world.

Hasn’t everyone finally figured out by now that the goal of the false flag operation we call 911 was to manufacture and establish a war on terror that could be used as a pretext to invade any country at any time in order to enforce the will of the global bankers upon the otherwise sovereign people. This terror package naturally came complete with it’s own central bank and lines of credit with the World Bank and the IMF so there wouldn’t be any wait in going deeply into debt which would allow (or require) that the countries assets be raped and pillaged by the banksters and their friends. This plan is so good that it’s hard to see how it won’t work.

The operation in Mali purportedly being conducted against radical Islamists who have been set up to be seen as a threat to Europe. France is saying that they fear a new sanctuary of terrorism could take root in Mali, and says fast action was the only choice after sudden extremist advances last week. What B.S.

French authorities contend that Mali and its neighbors in West Africa, Europe and especially France are threatened by three radical organizations, including an al-Qaida affiliate, that control northern Mali and are looking to extend their grip to the crucial south and the capital of Bamako to set up a terror state.
French authorities acknowledged Sunday that the militants have turned out to be better-armed and equipped than France had initially thought.
Eyes around the world are on France to see what it does next.

Will French troops move into a support role, behind African troops, as initially set out for the West by a United Nations Security Council resolution on Mali? Or will they be lured into deeper involvement at the behest of Mali and other African nations — and, perhaps, take Western allies with them?

To avoid entrapment, “The purpose (of the French mission in Mali) has to be limited in scope but it has to have specific strategic purposes,” said London-based security and terror analyst Sajjan Gohel. Does any of this sound familiar (Iraq? Libya? Syria? Iran?)

Here is the object lesson that people around the world should take from this new focus on the latest banker driven police action … The United States is soon to look a lot like Mali where Foreign investors profit from the gold of Mali (as they will off of the natural resources of the USA) while its people wallow in poverty. Nine out of ten people in Mali live in dire poverty and 72 percent of the population survives on less than a dollar a day.

Here is what the French are saying officially:
“France, in this operation, is not pursuing any interest … other than safeguarding a friendly country, and does not have any goal other than fighting against terrorism.”
– French President Francois Hollande on the French intervention in Mali

“We – not just the French, but all nations – have to combat terrorism.”
– French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Mali

Are you ready for some hypocrisy to go with those lies?

The real purpose of the French intervention, however, is to protect the Rothschild-owned gold mining operations in the south from being taken over. Mali is the third largest gold producer in Africa after South Africa and Ghana and the biggest mines in Mali are owned by Rothschild-controlled firms.

France began its intervention on January 11, 2013, using aerial attacks to try and halt the Islamists’ advance into the southern part of Mali. Three days later, the UN Security Council unanimously backed the intervention. On January 16, French troops began to engage in combat operations on the ground in Mali. The United States is also deeply involved in the conflict, which it describes as part of the fraudulent “War on Terror.” The U.S. reportedly will not send troops to Mali because the ruling regime, which France is supporting, took power through a military coup in 2012. Contractors working with the military, however, are being deployed to Mali.
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said that U.S. assistance includes air and other logistical support. American spy planes and surveillance drones are already involved. Panetta said that even though Mali was far from the United States, the Obama administration was deeply worried about extremist groups there, including Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. “We’re concerned that any time Al Qaeda establishes a base of operations, while they might not have any immediate plans for attacks in the United States and in Europe, that ultimately that still remains their objective,” he said.

Neither the French nor the U.S. leaders say anything about protecting the Rothschild-owned gold mines, but portray their effort in Mali as part of the global war against terrorism. But that doesn’t make any sense at all because the Islamic rebel movement that the French and U.S. are fighting against in Mali is very much like the Free Syrian army they support in Syria, and not unlike the one they supported in Libya. In all three cases the regime being challenged by Islamic rebels came to power through military coups.

Investors see in Mali the perfect environment for resource extraction with none of the responsibility of honoring human rights, contributing to the state economy, or respecting environmental conditions. Mali traditional culture says that “gold belongs to the devil” and according to this tradition, gold appears when the devil is happy and disappears when he is upset.

Today, the gold of Mali belongs primarily to the Rothschild family and their partners who are running the gold mines of Mali. The French military intervention has more to do with protecting these lucrative foreign-owned gold mining operations than defending France and the West from “Islamic terrorism.”

In the case of Mali the real motivation for the military intervention can be clearly seen and it has nothing to do with “fighting terrorism.” The fraudulent “War on Terror,” started in the immediate aftermath of the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11, is, in reality, all about disguising military operations to protect the corporate plundering of valuable and strategic resources from poor Muslim nations, like Mali.

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