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I am decidedly pro 2nd amendment and I believe in the Constitution and what it stands for. I don’t understand why the gun grabbers aren’t capable of learning from experience, but if they were they would clearly see that their efforts to control/ban/confiscate guns in the past have not been successful in bringing about the outcome that their utopian ‘wouldn’t it be nice” thinking thought it would. In fact  the few times a state or city has put these types of gun control measures in place they have never …and I mean eve…worked at all.
Fast forward to today’s gun control/confiscation efforts and if you have been paying attention you would see that times have changed and this debate is now taking place in an environment where the gun rights supporters now know because they can see it with their own eyes: 
– That various agencies of the US Government have bought and are buying billions of rounds of hollow point bullets but don’t know why and the answers supplied so far are anemic at best.
– That the Federal Government is aggressively staffing FEMA Camps that until just last year they denied even existed. Staffing these camps for whom? And why? At a time when we have suspended White House tours due to lack of money we are staffing empty domestic concentration camps? Why?…crickets
– That Obama has signed a series of executive orders that give him the right (along with the troll Janet Napolitano) to take away everything you have, imprison you without charges or cause or trial or anything else simply by saying that you are an enemy combatant …a term which is only generally defined to include everyone.
  That we live in a time when a majority of the people who control our country at it’s highest levels have dual citizenship with other countries and have made significant policy decisions …including those that have taken us into wars (or kept us there) when it was clearly not in the interests of the USA to do so.
– That we are seeing come to fruition every single thing that people whom we were all told over and over (by the MSM) were conspiracy nuts and lunatics like Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Michael Savage and Ron Paul…
This list could go on for 100’s of pages…but the point is that when the gun rights people explain their position this time they have an endless supply of objectively verifiable facts and events to point at to defend their position. The real question that needs to be discussed isn’t whether we should ban/confiscate/tightly control guns and gun ownership, it’s whether or not the left’s desire to confiscate/control guns is strong enough that they are willing to allow the attempted enforcement of these laws to cause widespread violence, possible civil wars(s), and attempts at secession etc that will most surely follow?
Based upon what I read and hear this time, it’s gut check time for the gun grabbers and big government lefties because in my opinion there are no laws and there is no legislation that can be written (and passed) that will give them what they want. I firmly believe that any executive order and/or new legislation that strips the people of the US of their Constitutional right to bear arms; especially in this current environment, will not be followed and in too many counties and states across the country will not only not be obeyed, they also won’t be enforced. So the question is why are we not spending this time and energy coming up with solutions to real problems …like our national debt and our trillion dollar plus annual deficits.


If Ron Paul says it chances are that it’s the truth…something you can’t say about Obama, Holder, Biden or any of the neo-con new world order puppets. Here is what Dr. Paul has to tell us is coming next!

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin swims in a lake in southern Siberia’s Tuva region August 3, 2009. Putin, a judo black belt who has flown in a fighter aircraft and shot a Siberian tiger in the wild, plunged into the depths of Lake Baikal aboard a mini-submersible on Saturday in a mission that added a new dimension to his macho image.
Not only isn’t he afraid to be photographed with an assault rifle …he even knows how to use one!
Everybody Knows One … Someone with a Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline Recruits Others to Lie and Distort
The BPD (short for “Borderline Personality Disorder” or “Borderline Person”) is likely to make extreme false allegations, distortions, and varied lies to defame and harm her or his targets. The BP is also likely to involve many other people in the distortion campaign. Many are passive participants who will listen and believe the BP’s lies. Others become actively involved in spreading them further. The target may find that there are dozens of people, many whom have never met him or her, who believe and repeat the lies of the BP.
Common Lies and Distortions
What lies do BPs tell? Often they revolve around false claims of partner abuse, child abuse, perverse sexual behaviors, drug and substance abuse, mental illness, and criminal conduct. BPs tend to pick false accusations that they can’t prove but are also difficult to disprove. Although we supposedly live in a society in which people are “innocent until proven guilty”, the reality is, that is not how people are treated. This is especially the case when accusations of sexual abuse, any type of sex crime or crime involving pornography, child abuse, and spousal abuse are involved. The goal of the BP is to conduct a distortion campaign in such a way as to cause his victim to be treated as a pariah or even criminal, assumed to be guilty without any evidence whatsoever…save for the allegation or innuendo of the BP.
The perhaps surprising aspect of many of these defamatory statements is that they are not about the target at all. Often BPs are aware at some level that they themselves are doing these bad behaviors. So instead of taking responsibility for their own problems, they blame them on others. This behavior is known as “projection.”
For example, an abusive BP male who is guilty of creating and promoting themselves as something they are not vis a vie a false online persona and/or record of accomplishments that are embellished will falsely accuse other people of the same thing…complete with manufactured outrage. This serves two purposes: to draw attention to the BP who is then viewed in a positive light by others and it causes people to think bad things about their target which gains him allies and a network of down line rumor spreaders. That is, so long as nobody hears the full truth before they’ve been effectively brainwashed by him and already developed a negative opinion of the target.
This may consist of 100% outright lies or by lying by partial truth and distortion. BPs excel at this. They are believed and seldom questioned because of their emotional intensity and conviction they exhibit while they repeat their lies.
Borderlines Have Trouble Knowing the Truth
BPs have trouble knowing what the truth is. This is due to a combination of problems. Sometimes they may experience cognitive dissociations in which they temporarily break from reality and may honestly experience reality completely differently from any observers, even video cameras will not agree with their version of reality.
Other times, it may simply be from their extensive pathological lying and avoidance of the truth. As a result, they may repeat their vilifying lies in varying inconsistent versions. The inconsistencies won’t be simply of opinions; they will be of even basic facts. They may have such trouble keeping their lies straight that they will come up with multiple versions of events, often growing in severity, over repeated tellings of their lies. Version one might be that somebody raised a hand to strike them, version two might be that somebody pushed them to the ground, version three might be that somebody tried to strangle them, and so forth. The reality might be that they slipped, fell and hurt themselves. But reality does not matter to Borderlines, what matters is the ability to convince other people to take their sides and to protect themselves from “threats” such as being alone or being held accountable for their actions. They will often times direct their disinformation distortion campaigns at anyone who speaks up in a positive way about the target.
Trouble Recognizing Borderline Liars
Why don’t people see the BPs who conduct distortion campaigns as the liars they are? The reasons are many. Often BPs tell varying lies to different people who don’t “compare notes” and so don’t see what should be really obvious deception. Often the BP’s emotional intensity and ability to play on people’s emotions makes them master manipulators. People tend to “just believe” because the BP can come across as very charming, warm and friendly. Untrained, uncritical listeners are particularly susceptible at being duped by their lies. Eventually, they may believe the lies so completely that even when confronted with evidence such as writings, photographs, recordings, 3rd party versions of events, and other evidence, they will refuse to accept that they were duped into believing lies.
Adverse Impact on the Target
What happens to people who are victims of BPD distortion campaigns? Here are some of the examples of the results:
  • They are alienated from their family and friends.
  • They lose contact with their children for months or even years.
  • They lose their jobs.
  • They spend tens of thousands of dollars or more fighting false accusations of the BP attacking them.
  • They have restraining orders placed upon them based upon false accusations.
  • They end up in jail or prison due to false accusations.
  • They develop severe mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and others.
  • Some commit suicide.
Distortion campaigns can destroy people’s lives, even becoming lethal. This is particularly the case when the people around the BP’s victim do not understand how Borderline Personality Disorder works. The victims of distortion campaigns need extensive support from others in order to survive such an experience without life-altering damage. Although an estimated 6% of the US population suffers from BPD, most people do not end up being targeted with a BPD distortion campaign. As a result, they have trouble understanding how severe, damaging, unrelenting, and widespread these campaigns can be. And many of the victims of distortion campaigns consequently are left without effective support systems and suffer far worse damage than might have been the case if their friends and family understood they are being victimized by a Borderline. The distortion campaign also tends to damage many people around the BP.

The damage does not stop with the immediate family. It tends to spill over into all relationships around the target as the target is accused of crimes, immoral and unethical behaviors, embarrassing incidents, and so forth. The siblings, parents, new spouse, friends, and employers of the target may all suffer serious damage from the distortion campaign. The target may be unable to function normally, have insomnia and other sleep disorders, not be able to work normal hours or focus on work, and even feel afraid to been seen in public. This may be a time during which those around the target have to band together to help the target in safe settings. However, by doing so, the target’s support system itself may become a new target for the BP. It is not unusual for the BP to proceed to attack people the BP sees as helping the target. They may endure distortion campaigns. As a way to protect everybody, it may be useful to minimize knowledge that the BP obtains about the people around the target. The target and those who support him or her may need to become very secretive about their lives in order to protect themselves from ever-widening and intensifying attack by the BP.

Borderlines Must Be Held Accountable
Borderlines did not choose to be mentally ill, but they must be held accountable for their actions. We must educate ourselves and others about Borderline Personality Disorder and act to keep people who suffer from BPD and similar mental health problems from harming others. It is in the best interests of everybody, victims of BPs, the BPs themselves, and all the people around them, for these people to be identified. Once identified, others can be protected from them and attempts can be made at getting them into effective treatment. Although today’s treatments may not cure many of them, they may learn to curb their destructive behaviors, hurt others less, and lead happier lives themselves. But that is not going to happen without awareness, identification, and willingness to tackle the problems posed by this mental illness.
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