Clues (Proof) of Zionist Involvement all over Boston Marathon Bombing

Clues to Zionist Involvement all over Boston Marathon Bombing


WW~Notes: I keep reiterating over and over and over, underneath every rock you will find this vile tribe’s fingerprints everywhere.  With this group inhabiting our world nothing that happens is coincidental or happen stance.  They always have the means and the motive for some specific agenda or purpose to carry out their nefarious operations.  Deny these facts at your own peril.

Wildly killing Americans, the Mossad and its collaborators, have once again struck on American soil. It is obvious that they did it; they have made this clear by their actions and objections. These arch-criminals can protest all they want. They can accuse and blame. They can cast endless aspersions. It matters not. They are hereby proven as the perpetrators, and there is no doubt about it. They are zealots and arch-criminals, and their words and actions reveal them.

They really did do it. These filthy Zionist brutes will do anything to advance their vile schemes, including the commission of bloodthirsty murder:

No disinfo hopes and prays that the individual pictured and all others are able to overcome this trauma: our hearts and prayers are with them.

Filthy Zionists, in their continuous war against Islaam, have attempted to lay the groundwork for blaming this murderous act against this grand faith. It has taken countless abuses. It has been continuously attacked and maligned. Here it is, once again, that when blood is drawn by these hideous Israeli moles, great blood, Islaam gets the blame.

When a Muslim attempted to run from the scene, injured by the bomb-blast, it was he alone who was tackled and held down, under the guise of acting suspiciously, while the real criminals, Zionist Jews, made a hasty escape.

The so-called pressure cooker bomb: a Zionist specialty

The description of such a bomb and its use is merely a plot to blame Islaam, as if this act was committed by amateurs with little access to commercial explosives. The purpose is to tie the bombing to the people of Islaam; plenty of slander is heaped upon them in order to drive this falsehood home.

The Jews cannot commit these crimes without presenting a patsy: an artificial culprit. If there is no culprit, they invent one. If there is no literature or Internet site to support the claim of Islaamic terror, they create it.
Now, here it will be proven that this was strictly an attack by the Mossad and that all those deaths and injuries are on the Zionist’s hands. In other words, it is the Israelis themselves who are responsible for murdering and maiming these Americans. Every person who died, every leg and ankle that was blown off, every wound, maceration, and/or shrapnel injury that occurred–every cut and burn–all of it was perpetrated by the Zionists. It is a plot to destroy America and far more, let there be no doubt about it.

It is also a part of their continuous plot against Islaam. Without Islamophobia, without the continuous demonization of the Islaamic faith, there is no way that Zionism can survive. That’s because this wicked element thrives on bloodthirsty murder and other acts of terror. In the epitome of cowardice it hides its acts of criminality behind the false claim of Islaamic terror. This is precisely what these criminal minds are attempting to achieve with the Boston Marathon slaughter. However, this time it is failing.

Their criminal act in Boston is proven by their own words and publications: by their own protests.
One of these protests is the claim for home-grown terrorists as the likely source of any domestic terror attack, including bombings of people and buildings. The typical claim by the Zionist-controlled media is that there are cells of people, Muslim or Arabs, who, inspired by hate and revenge, build crude, home-made bombs for purposes of sowing terror and also perpetrating mass murder.

The story line is invented by the Zionists. Are they merely using the Muslims for cover while actually committing these acts themselves?


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