Let’s Talk About China …Shall We?

Let’s Talk About China …Shall We?
By One of the Right Wing Extremists CEJ
WARNING: If you are easily offended by frank politically incorrect analysis then stop reading right now. If the thought of reading an opinion that is 100% accurate yet the tone of it’s content strikes you as sounding somewhat racist…China-phobic…or hateful, makes you queasy then by all means go read something more tolerant on Blue Oregon (that was a slam of BO) For starters let’s get a few housekeeping items out of the way ….I don’t like China and I don’t like the Chinese who collectively make up it’s current (or past) leadership! Does that mean I hate ALL Chinese? 2 billion of them? From a strictly practical standpoint how is that even possible? (a giant hate wand?). Like every race and nationality of people…. there are good ones and bad ones. For instance I LOVE General Tso! But generally speaking you could say …
“Fee Fie Fo Fina I hate most things China!”

but not without good…even dispositive reasons. I won’t even go into their record on human rights….of their grandiose inclusion of Taiwan as part of their country on the maps they circulate in China or even their despicable intolerant policy on Tibet …Nooooo just this once I am willing to let all of those issues slide with nary a mention.

I don’t hate China for who they are (Chinese), but rather for what they are, and the shameless (and stoic?), cavalier way they go about their business; which is constantly having to prove they are bigger, more scandalous and undisputedly more prolific international thieves and global cheats than their close friends ….the Russians.

A Russian will always cheat on his taxes even if he has to make up legitimate income to subtract made up deductions from. A Russian will roll back your odometer and even pocket a few pieces of your good silver if you have them to dinner…. but make no mistake about it Russians are all about themselves and no one else…they are selfishly dishonest (once again …not ALL Russians)

The Chinese on the other hand are collectively dishonest…they will steal, counterfeit, mass produce and flood the market with bootleg copies of Windows (or Garth Brooks CD’s) just for fun. When they decide to put on their business face (oh? you thought that was their business face …guess again) they will actively disrupt and manipulate world currency markets or erect ridiculous trade barriers…and then will convincingly act offended at the mere suggestion that anyone do the same thing to them. They will relentlessly and aggressively tilt the playing field in their own favor and then complain that it isn’t tilted even further. They have taken capitalist greed and corporate fantasies (of the impact of 2 billion new customers on their bottom line) as the means to their ends and elevated it to a new art form, and in doing so have committed financial crimes against humanity that make JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs look like 2 bit street corner hucksters …and done it with just as much arrogance and impunity!

But this post isn’t to rehash all of their past sins, lord knows we all have some historical luggage to carry…or even their current sins, but rather to put into some perspective, and provide some clues about the changes that have quietly been taking place as a way to divine their plans for the future. You don’t think all of their current posturing is being done for nothing do you?

Let’s start with what we know for sure: (Warning: gratuitous criticism of Obama next paragraph)

Love him or hate him (and right now he is our guy)…. they have no respect or love for Obama … none! He can’t bow deeply enough to make them like him even a little bit. Are they racists? You tell me …let’s look at how he has been treated so far because if you have followed this at all you would already know that they have taken every opportunity to frustrate and humiliate him they have been given. Remember how they overreacted when he had the Dali Lama come for a visit scaring Obama so bad he made the Lama exit thru the backdoor past the white house garbage area? How about their reactions to our arms sale to Taiwan …which was hardly unexpected or unprecedented, OK, please don’t forget the ‘ass hat’ they put on his head and made him wear at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (LOL), or their refusal to recognize senior military to military ties 6-7 months ago when Obama sent Gates over, hat in hand, to kiss their butts, or their unconnected…strictly coincidental, military test of their new stealth fighter aircraft, and their new assertiveness in Asia. …forget all of that. OK don’t forget it and try and convince me there isn’t some hidden agenda pushing these actions.

BHO, and his Chicago style politicking is no match for their kung fu. His biggest weakness is his lack of anything resembling a coherent long term (or near term) China strategy, followed closely by his inability to leave his need to be liked, and need to show the world how powerful he is. Every time he leaves home…he comes back with no deals that benefit the US and billions of dollars poorer (cash …loan guarantees etc) (or oil drilling rights poorer or …or …or). Every time he finds himself on the international stage, he uses it to feed his pathological narcissism (and need to be liked) while the Chinese stick to their one and only goal: Everything they do must benefit them and advance their cause and they don’t care what anyone else says or how bad the deal is for the other party(s). If they can’t improve their position…. they won’t play. They are fiercely and apologetically loyal to their own self interest first, last, and always. Their motto is “what’s in it for me?”

Secondly, China is getting ready to go through a planned change in leadership next year…they are also experiencing a resurgence of Chinese nationalism and a need to placate a growing neoconservative groundswell in their own ranks. Dai Bingguo (China’s foreign minister) went out of his way to write a long policy statement that made it clear they had no plans to challenge our global supremacy… why? When someone who has a track record of lying and deceitful conduct goes out of their way to tell me something my first reaction is to clutch my purse as tightly as possible!

Lastly, and probably most importantly, there has been a slow and quiet party recognition, increased budget, and autonomy given to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) which in the past has always been subordinate to the party. When you look at the pieces of the puzzle and recognize that the Chinese military sees us as their most important enemy (we are the team to beat right?) and with the aging out of the old guard …who all had strong ties to the military and the introduction of the new guard (who has almost no military ties among it’s ranks) … you get the funny feeling that the hawks may soon be running the buffet line and that is usually a good indicator of changes in US – China relations.

We should take some lessons from the way China does things … like the way they made their wind-energy fund money “contingent on …manufacturers using parts made in China rather than foreign-made components.” and now the Chinese wind industry has captured half of the global market for turbines. This success is just one example demonstrating that when a nation combines its public spending with incentives that encourage domestic corporate investment, an economy tends to grow its own wealth-building industries. That’s simple enough to understand, right? What was our response to this schooling? We complained to the WTO and cried ‘no fair’.

When it comes to the future of this country and the further evolution of the global economy we need to start thinking more about what we need to do to encourage our own domestic investment so we can grow the wealth building industries of the future instead of crying foul against those who do. You win races by running faster and smarter than the other guy …not by tripping him and elbowing him in the curves. What are China’s plans? To continue to outflank, out negotiate, intimidate, bully, humiliate, out work, and import the innovations and ideas of others and make them their own….pretty much the same thing they have been doing since Nixon. China has never been an innovator …they haven’t ever had to be when they can acquire the innovations of others by simply being shrewder and hungrier than everyone else. As Donald Trump has said (many many times) …China is eating our lunch and we should be enjoying theirs! Wake up!


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