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The real threat we are facing right now isn’t from the Muslim Brotherhood …quite the contrary. The real threat to our life liberty and pursuit of happiness comes from Israel and the Zionists who currently control it. Take a look at what just happened in Egypt from another perspective …who benefited the most by morsi’s …

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July 29, 2013   Jordan Bailey

President Barack Obama isn’t relenting in his pursuit of ensuring that the dangerous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) gets passed.

He has threatened to utilize his ‘fast track’ authority – which allows him to bypass Congress to ram his agenda down our throats – and he’s keeping any and all details surrounding the so-called “free trade” agreement a secret from those who elected him. He knows that if the American public found out the details of the TPP it would NEVER be allowed to pass.

And this is why…

As it stands right now, the TPP is a secretive, Obama-led trade agreement being negotiated between the United States, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and possibly South Korea.

We all now how disastrous “free trade” agreements have been for us in the past – sky-rocketing trade deficits, soaring national debt, job losses and outsourcing – but the TPP will make NAFTA, KORUS, CAFTA and others look tame. In fact, the TPP has been dubbed ‘NAFTA on steroids,’ meaning that it will be even more harmful than any of its predecessors.

If signed into law, President Obama’s TPP will not only override American laws, but it will allow corporations to sue the U.S. government for losses at the tax payer’s burden. (CON’T HERE …CLICK)

English Translation Below

Von Gregor Peter Schmitz, Atlanta

Die Regierung Obama versucht, Europas Ärger über Spähprogramme abzuwiegeln. Nicht so Ex-Präsident Jimmy Carter: Der Demokrat attackiert die US-Geheimdienste scharf. Die Aufdeckung durch Whistleblower Snowden sei “nützlich”.

Der ehemalige US-Präsident Jimmy Carter hat im Nachgang des NSA-Spähskandals das amerikanische politische System heftig kritisiert. “Amerika hat derzeit keine funktionierende Demokratie”, sagte Carter am Dienstag bei einer Veranstaltung der “Atlantik-Brücke” in Atlanta.

Bereits zuvor hatte sich der Demokrat sehr kritisch über die Praktiken der US-Geheimdienste geäußert. “Ich glaube, die Invasion der Privatsphäre ist zu weit gegangen”, sagte Carter zu CNN. “Und ich glaube, dass die Geheimnistuerei darum exzessiv gewesen ist.” Mit Blick auf den NSA-Whistleblower Edward Snowden sagte Carter, dessen Enthüllungen seien langfristig “wahrscheinlich nützlich, da sie die Öffentlichkeit informieren”.

Carter hat wiederholt gewarnt, dass die Vereinigten Staaten durch zu starke Beschränkung von Bürgerrechten ihre moralische Autorität einbüßten. Voriges Jahr schrieb er in einem Beitrag in der “New York Times”, neue US-Gesetze erlaubten die “nie zuvor dagewesene Verletzung unser Privatsphäre durch die Regierung”.
Carter war der 39. Präsident der USA, er regierte von 1977 bis 1981. Während seiner Amtszeit versuchte er, die US-Außenpolitik stärker nach den Menschenrechten auszurichten – nach seinem Ausscheiden aus der aktiven Politik erhielt er für seine humanitäre Arbeit 2002 den Friedensnobelpreis.
Cont’d here at Der Spiegel…Click


“America does not at the moment have a functioning democracy,” he said at an event in Atlanta on Tuesday sponsored by the Atlantik Bruecke, a private non-profit association working to further the German-U.S. relationship (its name is German for “Atlantic bridge.”)

Carter’s remarks did not appear in the American mainstream press, but were reported from Atlanta by the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel, whose Washington correspondent Gregor Peter Schmitz said on Twitter he was present at the event. The story does not appear in the English-language section of the Spiegel website, but is available only in German.

The 39th president also said he was pessimistic about the current state of global affairs, wrote Der Spiegel, because there was “no reason for him to be optimistic at this time”. Among the developments that make him uneasy, Carter cited the “falling of Egypt under a military dictatorship.” As president, Carter managed to get then-Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin to sign the Camp David peace agreements in 1979.

Carter said a bright spot was “the triumph of modern technology” which enabled the democratic uprisings of the Arab Spring. But the NSA spying scandal, said Carter according to Der Spiegel, endangers precisely those developments, “as major U.S. Internet platforms  such as Google or Facebook lose credibility worldwide.”

Greg Walden ….One of the Deciding Swing Votes Against You and Me and the Consitution.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday evening narrowly defeated an amendment from Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) meant to halt the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of phone record data.
“We’re here today for a very simple reason: to defend the Fourth Amendment, to defend the privacy of each and every American,” Amash said as he introduced his measure. Lawmakers’ votes, he said, would answer one simple question, “Do we oppose the suspicionless collection of every American’s phone records?”
On Wednesday, at least, the answer was no. The House voted 217-205 to defeat the amendment after intense last-minute lobbying from the White House and the NSA.
Democrats voted for the amendment by a 111-to-83 margin. Republicans, meanwhile, split 134 to 93 against it.
The closeness of the vote, the first on the surveillance programs since the revelations of NSA leaker Edward Snowden, gave civil liberties groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, which has been a vigorous critic of that surveillance, some reason for optimism that future reforms will be possible.
Leave it to the only republican to attain and maintain national office to vote in lockstep with the Obama regime…Nancy Pelosi… and the rest of the America hating left and against you and I and the Constitution of the USA.
Am I embarassed?
Do I feel betrayed?
Do I feel let down …sold out…rolled over on…tossed under the bus and screwed by the one person I was certain would vote for the Amash Amendment to stop the NSA from recording all of our phone calls and emails?
Yes I do and thankfully I am not alone!
As of the time I am writing this Congressman Walden ( R) OR is being excoriated on his facebook pages (and deservedly so) with comments like these:
Calvin Phillips Maybe you should’ve voted to pass the Amash amendment. Pretty dumb move if you ask me. I guess you appreciate having your phone tapped.
Kimberly Jadedeyes Lapham Your days in office are limited Congressman! You broke your oath!

Daniel Bretoi I’m disgusted that you support warrantless spying on Americans. You should have voted yes. You’re an oath breaker and a traitor. You’ve betrayed me again\
Brian Harris Absolutely disgusting, Congressman.
Nathan Duerre You call yourself a republican , You’ve become nothing short of a commie traitor.. If you don’t know the constitution How in hell do you think to defend it????? Next …A Petition for special election to recall your seat in office ” For Violating the Public trust and your oath of office “
Kyle Slawson SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leslie Couture You are a traitor Greg Walden and we will put you in prison. (Greg better hope that Leslie Couture isn’t related to Randy Couture DOH!)
Jacob Johnston Today Greg Walden betrayed every veteran that has ever fought for our country.
Jack Frost As one of your supporters we have came to a crossroads, you have refused to support the 4th amendment of the constitution and broken your oath you have taken to protect the constitution
You are now an oath breaker and I can no longer support you. Thank you for all the good things you have done but you have crossed a line that I do not believe you can come back from
Michael Antonelli Greg, you have a lot of nerve patting yourself on the back for this while you take a dump on our constitution. I will do everything in my power to make sure everyone I know sees you for the traitor you are. 
Me   Greg I have never been so disappointed in anyone in my life the way I am about you right now …I just read that yours was one of the swing votes that caused the NSA amendment to be defeated … WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? I can no longer support you because you have broken your sacred oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies … you are no longer part of the answer you are part of the problem … I became physically sick when I saw your name on that list. Please remove me from your list of campaign supporters and all of your mailing lists
Leslie Couture TRAITOR! You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!! Central Oregon is mobilizing against you as we speak.
Even drooling numbskulls and mouth breathers like Earl Blumenauer were able to get this vote right (either that or he finally guessed the right answer in a 50/50 question).  For years Greg Walden has been the lone republican voice for Oregonians in Congress and he has been able to hold onto his seat in this state only because it was the one seat and the one voice that the left wing urban population centers of Portland and Eugene couldn’t take from us. Greg’s constituents are really angry about his vote on what the majority of American’s consider to be the clearly unconstitutional violations of their 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure …not only did he vote against the clear will and interests of his constituents …he also voted against the interests of all Oregonians and sadly his was one of 6 swing votes that helped defeat the Amendment which was written specifically to stop Big Brother and Big Government from spying on it’s own people and in that regard he voted against the entire nation… Mr. Walden has the distinction of being the only vote out of the entire Oregon congressional delegation to vote with ‘Barachio’, Pelosi and the rest of the NWO Hitler youth. Thanks Greg! Now could you do us all a favor and resign!
What’s next Greg? A ride in Air Force One? Trick or treating with David Wu? A weekend in Vegas with Dirty Harry?

The corrupt edifice that has propped up the US big banks and financial system is beginning to crumble before our very eyes. I’ve warned everyone who would listen for the last 2 years that this would happen.

Now it is.

First and foremost, the former head of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (the group in charge of calculating the “official” unemployment numbers and inflation measures) has stepped forward and stated, point blank, that the unemployment numbers in the US are a joke.

Keith Hall believes the US economy is a lot sicker than the 7.6 percent unemployment rate would lead you to believe.

And he should know.

Hall was, from 2008 until last year, the guy in charge of Washington’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the agency that compiles that rate.

“Right now [it’s] misleadingly low,” says Hall, who believes a truer reading of those now wanting a job but without one to be more than 10 percent.
Source: NY Post

The Government claims we’re in recovery because the unemployment rate is falling. But we have the former head of the BLS stating that real unemployment is greater than 10%.

The revelations continue with the inflation measure used by the Feds/ Federal Reserve. I’ve written about the various gimmicks the Feds use to downplay inflation many times before, but now the former head of the BLS has openly admitted the Fed’s methodology is incredibly outdated.

So how do the Feds measure inflation? They perform hundreds of thousands of surveys to see what consumers are buying. Then the BLS sends people into stores to determine how much these items cost.

So the Feds are relying on people:

1)   Remembering what they bought last month for groceries
2)   Remembering the price they paid
I don’t remember either these things in any great detail. I doubt 99% of people do either. And yet this is the basis for our inflation metrics!

The phony unemployment data and unbelievably low inflation measure are two of the biggest reasons that the Fed has to continue with its futile QE efforts. And the media is finally catching on that both are a joke.

This is just the start. I warned that higher interest rates were coming starting with a collapse in bonds in Europe and the emerging market space.

This is truly catastrophic. The world is in a massive debt bubble and the Central banks are now officially losing control. The stage is now set for a collapse that will make 2008 look like a joke.

If you are not preparing in advance for this you are dumber than dirt, the time to get started was two years ago but there is clearly no reason to at least try and do something NOW.

Thank you for voting Democrat you parakeet brained losers!

Barack Obama is utterly loathsome.

“Search my soul,”  he intones, in his most sober, professorial condescension. In his world, we are all Americans, and, Lord Knows, Americans are by definition racist, stump-toothed cast-offs from the set-list of extras on Deliverance: An American court, in an American State, with an American Jury passed judgment about a case involving two Americans. Yep, it must be racist. Time for “us” to “search our souls“…

With all due respect sir: Screw You.

The state of my soul is a closely-watched work in progress. And, given that I know who ultimately will adjudge the outcome, my soul is just fine, thank you. Search your own soul, sir.

How about starting with the little deal you cooked up with Bill Clinton to offer Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Joe Sestack a nice, cushy Federal job if he dropped out of the 2010 senate race? Most folks have forgotten that you were engaged in election fraud and illegal electioneering for this stunt, but I haven’t. How about searching that moth-eaten soul of yours, Barack, for chatting with and befriending the domestic terrorist Billy Ayers and his troll-like wife Bernadine and palling around with other 1960′s murderers and miscreants? Find anything? Your mentor, Frank Marshall Davis was a radical Communist and editor of the proto-Fascsictic Chicago Star in the 1930s, with ties to Papa Joe Stalin’s murderous regime. Has your soul taken a hit for his genocide against the entire Ukraine nation?

Anything left in your soul after refusing to allow Dutch-flagged skimmers to help with the BP oil spill because you wouldn’t suspend the Jones Act, and let non-union workers help with the unfolding disaster there? How about voting against the Illinois Infant Born Alive Protection Act, and in your public testimony about the Act calling a live, breathing child a “fetus, baby, whatever you want to call it”? How’s the old soul on THAT one, Mr. President? Is your soul quivering for the scores of Mexicans mowed down by your Justice Department’s heinous gun-running operation south of the border called “Fast and Furious”. (THERE IS MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM HERE ..CLICK)

He has managed to call every election right down to the counties that will make the difference, often times in the face of strong opposition and nay sayers …Now Nate Silver says that the GOP has better than even odds to take back the Senate next year …and not a moment to soon. Here is that report

16 Jul 2013, 10:22 AM PDT

Republicans are on the threshold of gaining control of the Senate after the 2014 midterm elections, according to New York Times election prognosticator Nate Silver.

After Montana’s Democrat Governor Brian Schweitzer announced on Saturday he would not run for the state’s open Senate seat, Silver wrote, “Republicans might now be close to even-money to win control of the chamber after next year’s elections.” Currently, Silver estimates that “Republicans will end up with somewhere between 50 and 51 Senate seats after 2014, putting them right on the threshold of a majority.” (Click Here for the Rest of the Story)

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