Missing Nukes on their way from Texas to South Carolina – Demand to Know the Truth!

facebook1Looking back at all of the false flag events that have checkered our recent history several observations can be made to describe the DNA of a false flag event …things like …There is always a training going on in the same exact area depicting roughly the same exact type of training (Boston bombing, 9-11, sandy Hook etc.) bizarre government behavior…Well guess what?

-Just this week some of our nuclear warheads were moved out of their secret hiding place in a Texas Air Force base (Dyess AFB) …these nukes were taken with no one officially taking responsibility or formal possession of them …these nukes were taken by a black ops team and the only thing that was disclosed was that these nukes were headed for South Carolina


– The next day South carolina US Senator Lindsay Graham gave a speech and threw out as just a for instance that if the USA didn’t bomb Syria for the Israeli’s then it was very possible that Charleston Harbor could be nuked …the timing of Graham’s speech talking about a possible nuclear attack should congress vote no on the Syrian questions, could not be purely coincidence but there is more…

– There is a month long training exercise scheduled to start any day and go for the next 30 days …what are the odds?

– Would the USA purposlely detonate a nuclear bomb on it’s own soil against it’s own people? Isn’t something like this a big enough reason for some honor bound military leader to step forward and spill his/her guts on this whole cooked up fiasco? 

I was reading through a bunch of older blog posts from 1-3 years ago and trying to determine who knew what and when and using the sharp focus provided by 20/20 hindsight and a few years of what actually happened to compare to what I thought and said was going to happen to make sure my worldviews were all defensible. The answer: …They are and they aren’t …well they are, but there are still gaps that history and current events haven’t filled in yet. Where this has left me is with a very ominous sense of foreboding evil premonitions leading to one big ongoing game of what if followed by a multitude of some very important questions regarding the future of our country. For instance:


–          What if when McRino is trying to warn us all when he suggests that “if we don’t attack Syria that the results will be cataclysmic” meaning that our reluctance or refusal to do what we are told will cue the Zionist shadow government who really runs things to crash our economy, institute martial law and then start killing millions of people.  I have read extensively on this topic and the answer to the question of how long the economy will stay crashed in an environment of total chaos with people starving and killing each other and the answer has consistently been “as long as it takes to break our will and make us beg these evil satanic people to be enslaved and taken care of. Not exactly anyone’s idea of a good time.

–          What if Obama sudden decision to pass the buck to the congress to decide was his way of slow dancing his puppet masters from pressing things into end game status without making him channel JFK for being insubordinate to their commands? I mean is it possible that all of that new gray hair on his head is stress related because he knows the role he sold out to play in history where he will certainly be more vilified than Hitler and Mao and Stalin all combined for what he is about to do and how he is about to do it and most importantly who he is planning on doing it too.  What if Obama really has a conscience after all and this is his cry for help? (I know this is likely a very silly idea) OR maybe he just figured out that if we are all expendable then at some point so will he. 

–          Is there anyone left on the planet that doesn’t see who the real bad guys are by now?


–          Putin knows that the people of the USA aren’t the bad people that our elected leaders are … would it really take WWIII to cut the cancer out of our collective governmental bodies to defeat these globalist extortionists and terrorists?

–          As a student of history there has always been someone who has risen up to lead the people against a tyrannical government … William Wallace comes to mind here…where is our William Wallace?

–          The military is currently showing some very positive signs of taking their oath to the Constitution seriously…Are we heading towards a military led coup ala Egypt?

–          In all of these years why even one politician or ex-president or somebody …anybody… stepped hasn’t forward and exposed the shadow government that rules the world? A death bed or post death announcement or letter or book that gives us the details of the plot and the way to cut the head off of this snake? In all of these years have they not run into even one true patriot who said no?

–          Why couldn’t all of the leaders of all of the countries who are controlled by the satanic private central bankers get together and have a meeting where it is decided that all of the assets of the corrupt bankers …including the death grip they have on our media sources …need to be frozen and confiscated …all of the gold that has been stolen returned to its owners and the world freed from the bonds of slavery …why do so many otherwise good and honorable people allow this wholesale theft of everything that isn’t nailed down to continue?

–          When will the American people put away their partisan bickering and agree that all of our elections are rigged … and stolen and then make the necessary changes to give the voice back to the people instead of just the illusion of voice?

I understand that people with extremely weak characters and devoid of even 1 scintilla of integrity like Obama can become drunk with power and sell out the American people over and over again… but seriously people how many wars will we have to fight for Israel before the American people WAKE UP to reality and start to get angry and mobilize to put a stop to it. When will our own William Wallace step up and lead this country back from the edge of the abyss?


  1. These are truly fantastic ideas in concerning blogging.

    You have touched some pleasant points here. Any way keep
    up wrinting.

  2. Victor G. said:

    Wow! There is at least one person in this country with some sense and knowledge! Thank you for the truth. Although scary and a sad reality of things to come ; it can’t and won’t be stopped. Stage is set. Only one thing left that the governments and evil don’t have control over ………………………… our eternal soul. Eternity can’t be fathomed by the human mind. So we know it’s going to happen , can’t stop it , so what left to do? Repent
    thanks again for the truth ; god bless you !

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