While We Were Being Distracted W/ The Government Shutdown Drama … We Missed it!

all-we-need-is-the-right-major-crisis-and-the-nations-will-accept-the-new-world-order-david-rockefellerIf the shutdown was good for nothing else it certainly was effective in distracting people’s attention from wondering what the next false flag attack was going to occur that would spell the end of life as we know it in the start of martial law Obama style. The purpose of a false flag attack is to manipulate people to do what you want them to do; out of fear, out of anger, or out of greed. And of course that wouldn’t be possible unless you were able to do it without anyone being able to prove it was you. Right? Look at 911 for instance. It doesn’t matter how much evidence there is in the world incriminating Israel as the culprit, the fact that the media has spent the last 12 years telling us that al Qaeda did it …the Muslims did it Osama bin laden did it… The responsible parties will never be brought to justice.

In that regard you have to hand it to them, they did a wonderful job of making it look like somebody else did it. Enough people believed it, the media supported that version and the banksters were able to successfully manipulate the US into fighting numerous wars in the Middle East for them all under the false premise that we were at war with terror. Now the powers that be would like us to go into Syria and Iran to conquer their currencies and pave the way for them to establish a private central bank just like they recently did in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan after we invaded those countries for them.  We have become the muscle behind the mob, the enforcers, and the global leg breakers for the Zionist bankers. If you still can’t see that you’ve been sniffing too many chem trails.

America, Open your Eyes to Obama

The plan of course is to bring the world under a one world government and to do it in such a way as to preserve an element of plausible deniability for the people who get it and who will be assuming their position at the top of this dung heap. While 50% of the population known as low information voters, slept, and the other 50% was overreacting to the government shutdown the first part of the plan has already happened: We were distracted and preoccupied bickering among ourselves. That’s why Obama wouldn’t negotiate …that’s why he has been carefully planning this shutdown for quite some time …NOW all of the pieces are set for the beginning of the slippery slide into martial law, gun confiscation, FEMA camps, large scale suffering and ultimately slavery. How they are going to do it just became clear


Here is what I see coming ….The main event of course is the economic collapse which they will be hitting us with followed by a WWIII scenario as they actively depopulate the world as quickly as possible. There is nothing they can do to stop the collapse but in order for us not to place the blame firmly where it belongs they have likely decided to bring the economy in for a controlled crash after they detonate a dirty nuke over LA or NY or somewhere equally lethal and then immediately blame it on Syria or Iran. If your group will recall I said there is no way we will not be invading Syria and Iran. The other, even more likely scenario would be a manufactured cyber-attack on our financial system which will give them the cover necessary to bring the economy in for a crash landing. Under this scenario Syria and Iran still get blamed, we start bombing them then Russia gets involved, then China gets involved, then Japan gets involved along with the Brits and France and the Germans etc. and then the whole world explodes in chaos, just like they planned.


We have been predicting for some time that everything seemed to be pointing towards a late fall start. They want this to start just as winter starts and daylight savings plunges us all into several months of darkness. But that’s not the only things taking place while we were bickering with the each other. While that was going on these other events took place:

–      John Kerry inexplicably signed the UN small arms treaty knowing that the Senate had already said they would not be approving it …yet it sits there all signed and ready to go just waiting for the right incident to outrage the American people enough to goad enough senators into signing it

–      The Russian have setup a base in Armenia and installed missiles that can reach Syria

–      We have seen countless drills, US and Japan, US and South Korea, US and Israel, Russia and China all countries flexing their muscles.

–      Russia today reports that Russia has been quietly trying to renew their request to set up an air and naval base in Cyprus with the goal of being better able to deploy troops to Syria

–      Japan now has the largest warship since WWII (The Big One) and they have finished it just in time to need it even though they are supposed to be a country of peace and pacifism and strangely they now have the authority and the wherewithal to act against China if provoked.

–      The US has been holding aerial drills with Israel


–      Israel has been conducting nighttime parachute drills

–      Assad just about has the rebels under control and this fights about over which means if we are planning on using something done by Syria or Iran as an excuse to pave the way for the banksters like we have been ordered then we need to get on it quickly before we miss that chance.

–      The US government has been strategically preparing for WWIII.  Biden says the US will remain in the Asia-Pacific region. They are creating an Arc around China by positioning military assets around the pacific. America’s most capable all-around air weapon, the F-35, will be deployed first in the Pacific once it achieves Initial Operating Capability (IOC), Carlisle said. Air Force F-35s probably will head to four bases: Misawa, Japan; Kadena, Japan; Osan Air Base, Korea; and Kunsan Air Base, Korea.

–      6. The US government is now providing Philippines with military assets in exchange for the use of the island to rotate US armed troops and equipment to secure the pacific region from threats.

–      Israel’s navy is now installing a new defense system on its missile boats, the Barak eight systems on its Saar 5 missile boats that would protect them from the feared Yakhont Russian anti-ship missile

Yes …War is coming to cover up the economic collapse. Think about it … Think about how hard the government has been working these last five years to set the stage for all of this:

–      The FEMA camps have been built provisioned and staffed and are ready to go.

–      The American people have been stripped of all of their rights. The NDAA, Patriot Act, Miranda Exception Rule, Declaring whistle-blowers as traitors etc. With the UN gun bill ready to be ratified and just waiting for the right event which will take away the one thing our government and the Zionist overlords fear the most … a well-armed militia


–      NSA has been spying on all of us and now has the capability with the Grand Opening this week of the Utah spy center to keep track of everybody and everything.

–      Homeland security has the ammo, the urban assault vehicles, the training and the boots on the ground to deal with the American people once the collapse occurs.

–      The government needs to control the flow of information, they already control the mainstream media the internet is the prize. With the executive order taking control over all communications and CISPA pending in the senate, which is waiting for an event to occur so it will be passed will give the government complete control over the internet and they will have the ability it down whenever they need to.

–      The FED has been threatening to transition out of its money printing scheme any day now once they get the data they are cooking up as we speak …this will paint a rosey picture that the recovery is well under way and Obama (the hero) has managed to steer the economy thru the rough waters.


That’s when it will happen… the dirty nuke (like one of those recently taken from Dyess AFB a few weeks ago and still not accounted for. ) After that there will be panic, high emotions, anger etc. …Obama will declare martial law…the senate will ratify the UN Guns Treaty, the gun bill ( The Bride of Feinstein’s version) and the UN soldiers who will just happen to already be here will join in on the humanitarian efforts in the effected regions (FEMA Region III) and then will be given the task of gun confiscation which will not go well because everyone with a working brain at this point is going to call bullshit on the government and have them all arrested and thrown in jail. But if they don’t then watch out because here comes a crashed economy … and WWIII. The banksters have all of the gold and own most of the hard assets on the globe. They will make it know that they can help bring order to chaos and the sheep that need the government to take care of them will flop immediately … how long will this go on? As long as it takes…. for the people to tire of the starvation and suffering and are willing to beg to have them implant a chip into their bodies and to do what they are told in return for their freedom and liberties.

My prediction: Martial law by Thanksgiving!

  1. Ds said:

    No the dirty nuke wont go off over LA or NY bc those are both supposedly liberal strongholds

    • I hope you are right …it sure didn’t stop them from taking down the World Trade Center Buildings while they were still full of people (minus the Zionist bankers who were mysteriously all sick that day)

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