Democrats May Have Won the battle …But They Are Losing the War

Is there anything or anyone more aggravating than a progressive/liberal/democrat who has just been given some new statistic, clever phrase or mind numbing mantra to repeat over and over as though they have just discovered the secrets of the universe? The latest misunderstood statistic that I have read/heard at least 100 times in the last few days has centered around some new poll that apparently has the post Harry Reid Shutdown Tea Party favored by less than 15% of Americans which brings on statements like:

 “When are you guys going to figure it out …you Tea Baggers have a much lower approval rating than even congress …and not even half of President Obama’s approval rating, face it,  the  American people have rejected the Koch brothers owned tea party and everything they stand for”


“The Tea Baggers are treasonous traitors who should all be tried for the crimes they have committed against the USA

The vitriol from the left has been turned up all the way in the wake of the government shutdown and the smearing of the Tea Party congressmen and the GOP who kept their word and took off their gloves to fight for the people they represent.

I will freely admit that the democrats and their allies in the corporate owned media have been extremely effective sullying and besmirching the “Tea Party” brand. This shouldn’t be a shocking revelation for too many people as over the years, smearing the people who don’t agree with their warped view of the world has become their stock in trade. Hell, Barack Obama has used this tactic to win every election he has ever won. When you can’t defend your policies on the battlefield of ideas, the only arrow left in your quiver is to attack, ridicule and smear those who can. That’s what they do, and that’s what they’ve always done

We can all recall the intense frustration the “Tea Party” movement caused our southpaw friends as they groped about aimlessly looking for someone to call its leader so they could dig up, or make up some dirt on that person and begin engaging in their tried and true politics of personal destruction. The only problem was …as hard as they tried …they couldn’t identify one.  With no formal structure and no clear cut leader to go to work on….they were left with only one viable target and that was the Tea Party brand itself.  Over time being called a “teabagger’ became a pejorative they used whenever possible.

Trying to explain things like values and bright line absolutes (like right and wrong) to a liberal is like trying to teach Shakespeare to 2nd graders in Chinese, or trying to describe the colors of a rainbow to someone who has spent their entire life unable to see. Liberals don’t understand ‘values’ because they have never had any they weren’t willing to sell out or modify at the drop of a hat whenever they became inconvenient.  They tend to only think in terms of ideals based upon wishful thinking, emotions and feelings like “gee wouldn’t it be great if…”  If they were capable of understanding these concepts they would have realized that what the Tea Party represented was a set of core values that centered on a deep respect for our founding documents and the principles of small government, lower taxes, and personal and fiscal responsibility. In other words, the same set of principles and values that made this country the envy and leader of the world. Scary stuff.

In their desperate frenzy to silence all opposing views the left has told more lies about what the Tea Party really stands for than any other popular movement I have ever encountered. Since 2009 there are very few horrific high crimes, misdemeanors, evil motives, conspiracies and anti-government plots the tea party hasn’t been accused of.  The predictable result of this 4-5 year left wing assault has left the Tea Party brand and image in a shambles as evidenced by the low approval ratings they are so fond of misquoting.  Unfortunately, what the mudslinging rhetoric and over the top slandering hasn’t been able to do is to change the bright line between right and wrong. While the American people may tell you that they don’t approve of the “Tea Party” per se, they are still solidly in favor of the Tea Party values.  All of lying and bashing of the “Tea Party” in the world can’t make running trillion dollar plus deficits every year OK, or a government takeover of 1/6 of the economy OK, or things like NSA spying on us and recording all of our emails, text messages and phone calls OK. The leftwing MSM can cause people to reject the Tea Party but it can’t effectively make them reject their own common sense values.

So knock yourself out throwing everything you have at the “Tea Party” …we understand that it’s easier than openly advocating for higher taxes, larger government, more government involvement in our lives and the steady erosion of our freedoms and liberties we seem to experience whenever the tolerant left is in charge. Keep knocking yourselves out assaulting the ‘brand’ because people elect people whose views resonate with their own. The left wins elections by lying to the American people to make up for this fact. In the end their platform of large government, less freedom will be seen for what it is and the reason’s this model of governance has failed everywhere it has been tried will become evident.

In the meantime If you want to see a party in decline who’s own narcissism won’t let them admit it …take a look at the Democrat party …once the ACA /Obamacare tax burden becomes known to the millions of people it affects …democrats will be radioactive and virtually unelectable (except in Multnomah county) for the next 50 years…victims of their own bad ideas and bankrupt policies

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