Obama is a Modern Day Caligula – Check out the Comparsions of These Two Despots!

Should we call him “Calig-Bama” or “Barrigula”? Don’t answer that until you see how the biographical profiles of these two insane leaders matches up…Then decide.


I finally got my chance to watch the classic uncut version of the movie Caligula last night … The version that is 2 1/2 hours long starring Malcolm McDowell and Peter O’Toole… This is the version still banned in Canada even today.  Other than the gratuitous sex and violence and bloodshed this was one interesting movie about the life of one very screwed up evil, lecherous, deviant, narcissistic, arrogant, boastful, cruel, vicious, vindictive, brutal dictator. 2 1/2 hours wasn’t enough and after watching this movie I found myself wanting to know more about this crazy insane monarch. My first question of course was were all of the stories I’ve heard that were in the movie true or is this just the imaginations of Hollywood gone wild … So I sat down with Google and went to work and as I learned more and more about Caligula I couldn’t stop myself from making these inevitable comparisons that are too hard to avoid.. I mean I couldn’t help but notice so many parallels between who Caligula was and our current seat warmer in the White House. Before you cry foul hear me out because this is going to give you the ability to view Mr. Obama in a completely different light.

First off, the stories, the events, incredible off the hook over the top debauchery that took place during his 1400 days as emperor are more than likely at least partially true… Every great story has some kernel of truthfulness floating around


I was prepared to just accept it all as fact because it was so entertaining but as I dug deeper I discovered that a lot of the evidence is pretty shaky. All the best stories are to be found in the brief biography by Suetonius in The Twelve Caesars. Suetonius, however, is not exactly the horse’s mouth, not even the horse-consul’s. For one thing, though he worked in the imperial archives and was the Emperor Hadrian’s secretary, he was born circa AD69 – Caligula died AD41. For another, he was a terrible, if delicious, gossip, unable to resist a good story.

Here are some biographical tidbits about Caligula and you tell me you think it sounds like anybody else you know.


For starters Caligula lost both of his parents at an early age and was sent to live with relatives on a island where he was surrounded by people who held extremely radical and not of the mainstream view of things to say the least. It was during this time which were his formative years that he developed into the person he later became. All of those radical hedonistic lifestyle ideas he got while living on the island of Capri with his uncle Tiberius… Another prince of a man…lol. After he had Tiberius smothered he returned to Rome to claim his throne. Here he was raised by his people who endowed him with all sorts of characteristics probably didn’t really have. This was a people who have endured last administration and ready for some hope and change which is why you 24 he became the Emperor of one out of every four people in the world. Once he got into office he began consolidating power in every possible thing he did and said. Within two years he had made the Senate almost obsolete because he would ignore them and go around them and legislate unilaterally through executive Fiat whenever the mood hit him. (Sound familiar?)


Right out of the gate the people loved Caligula… “Today, looking back, we often wonder how anyone could have actually looked forward to the reign of Caligula; but of course, we have the benefit of hindsight. To the general public of the Roman Empire he seemed like a perfectly normal young man. Many saw him in a sympathetic light” one of the reasons the people loved him so much was because upon assuming office he was also quick to put the vast treasury left by Tiberius to good use in winning greater popularity for himself. He gave the Praetorian Guard a hefty bonus, distributed money to the common people and declared a general amnesty to free all of those imprisoned by the paranoia of Tiberius.(This should all be starting to sound somewhat familiar). The other thing he was known for was his ability to throw an incredible decadent party that would last for days and weeks all on the taxpayers dime… There was no luxury you would not afford himself… No food to exotic. (Does this sound like anybody else’s you know who we spend $1 billion a year supporting?)


He was also well known for engaging in deviant sexual acts with people of the same sex back then there was no place like Chicago’s “Man’s Country” where Barack and his pals would go for their deviant homosexual relief… So Caligula would just throw a party. One of the things he liked to do was to humiliate and degrade the members of the Senate which is equivalent of our Congress. (hmmmm) He would publicly humiliate these people, he would mock them and ridiculed them every way possible he could even to the point where they were required to address his horse as though it were prince. He was suspicious of everybody because along with all of this came the paranoia and delusions of grandeur that are part and parcel to narcissistic personality disorders of this magnitude. He finally declared himself to be a God … Much like we have our own presidential Messiah. He was quick to blame others for his mistakes and never got tired of spending the riches of the kingdom. When the treasury ran dry he started taxing everything including marriage to support his lavish spending habits. He enriched himself by confiscating the property of anyone arrested for treason and when in need of funds he might charge any wealthy Roman with treason. After 1400 days in office he was killed by his own people who now hated his guts and his legacy is one of absolute power corrupting absolutely just like BHO.

He biographical profiles of these two cruel, dishonest evil flamboyant smooth talking dictators are like pages from the same book I don’t think that Obama in the White House right now I think it’s a CaligBAMA OR Barigula… Your thoughts?

  1. IvanRider said:

    Needs some proofreading. But you’re points are well-made otherwise.

    • El Rey said:

      Hi Ivanrider … lol my apologies …all I had time to do this morning before I had to leave was to blab it out there using my voice dictation software …I thought to myself “how bad could it be…my voice dictation software is pretty well trained …now I am afraid to look … check back in 30 minutes and try it again…. that goes for anyone who stopped reading or experienced pain while reading …I will edit it now..thanks for reading

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