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We are a group of like minded individuals who know that this country still has it’s best times ahead of it and are dedicated to preserving the integrity of our republic by serving as a conduit for information you will not read in the zionist corporate controlled main stream media. This blog serves many online political discussion venues including its own closed discussion group on Facebook called “Make Your Case”

“The Rightwing Extremist” and “Make Your Case” are both groups that were spawned from the idea that articulate and well educated people from all political p…ersuasions, and all walks of life, should be able to openly discuss politics, current events, social issues, religion, philosophy, ….just about anything…above the noise…and without the name calling, or ugliness which has become the norm. This is where we have been gathering, growing, sharing facts and our thoughts. We are anxious to have you share yours as well.


While laboring over the task of writing this introduction we came to a couple of conclusions: Here is the first observation/conclusion we jointly arrived at::

We were starting to get bored with the day-to-day grind of having the same conversations with the same people on the same political and economic topics. Our souls required more…much much more. We wanted a group equipped to handle a diverse spectrum of current topics in order to demonstrate how well rounded and multidimensional we were. We surrendered to what we called our “two Bryan/Brian reality”… because let’s face it ….with the two Bryan’s/Brians in the group …we never know what we are going to get next anyway … so let’s just put it in the description, pretend like it’s something we thought about in advance, and roll with it !

Everybody on board so far? Good…

The second observation/conclusion we jointly arrived at was:

It’s true …sometimes “a good hanging prevents a bad marriage” but that’s not all…This is a group that will often times be awash in cheap profundity, it will be a safe haven where intelligent, funny, beautiful people can safely exchange banalities, or get a huge side order of scoffing, mockery, and of course, my favorites,…. “Racism” and “Hate”!

I’m not going to yank your chain… it would be the easiest thing in the world to sit here and blow warm sunshine at everybody by pretending that this group isn’t really a phoenix rising up from the ashes of the moody, unstable, capricious, and rudderless former association we all shared. We also recognize that hey!…the world is full of really stupid people and at times you have to stop and wonder …”who do these people have at home running their appliances for them?
rw extremists

Using logic and reason as our swords, and truth as our shields, we have a duty and a calling to share our grand revelations about the nature of happiness, and insightful teachings about personal responsibility, where we extol the values of the heartland and heap calumny upon politically correct euphemism … we have no choice…we were born to it.

Friends…we can no more deny that fire that glows within each and every one of us than we can deny our own purpose and calling. This will be an oasis of ‘tolerance” and “civility” in an ocean of manipulative dread mongering (and all of the little mongers!) Within these confines …subtlety will be a luxury we cannot afford.

You are probably thinking …WTF? Come on people….give it to us short and sweet…

OK… If I had to sum up this group with just one short sentence I would say that the purpose of this group will be to provide a place for: FULMINATIONS AGAINST STUPIDITY ….WHERE SMART PEOPLE ARE FREE TO EXCHANGE THOUGHTS AND IDEAS OR TO SCREAM (OR SWIM) AGAINST THE TIDE

Roger Alvey and his merry band of writers and opinionated geniuses

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