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Whenever austerity measures and budget cutbacks are discussed there is an immediate chorus of “Nooooo’s” that come from the left. Along with their tried-and-true name-calling and mudslinging and claims that it’s a “war on the poor” , “it’s a war on children” and that millions of people will die if they don’t get their food stamps or other entitlements in a timely fashion. Lately, they have even latched on to a nonemotional argument namely that austerity measures and reduced government spending will cripple the slowly healing economy. These are the same economic illiterates who wholeheartedly support “Obamacare” otherwise known as “Obamatax”. Even the Nancy Pelosi and dirty Harry Reid all the way up to the president with all of his epic wisdom have voiced the same concern about spending cuts…


To the extent that their ideas regarding reduced spending could hamper our nonexistent recovery every single first year economics student… And most fifth-graders know that you don’t raise taxes in the middle of her recovery or during a recession. Why then is nobody talking about the disastrous effects which will most certainly follow the largest tax increase in the history of our Republic?

The joint committee on taxation released a report early this year on the tax provisions associated with the affordable care act. The report identified 21 tax increases included in this bill which totaled over $1 trillion… Which was much more than the initial assessment which surprises nobody. In fact this estimate is twice the 500 billion estimate produced at the time the law was passed under less than aboveboard ways. Hasn’t anybody stopped to consider the impact of the government pulling another $1 trillion out of the economy? How about huge amounts of money that will be used by the 20 million or so Americans who up until now didn’t have healthcare premiums to pay? How about the billions of dollars in premium increases that will have to be paid under this new law so that 70-year-old women have reproductive care? This doesn’t even take into account the loss of income that millions of Americans will experience when their jobs are cut back to part-time status to avoid the law. Forbes recently reported that instead of the $2500 per family decrease in healthcare spending Obama care will provide the real number appears to be an increase of $7450 for a typical family of four each year. Every dollar that is spent on healthcare premiums is another dollar that isn’t being spent to stimulate the economy. In short over $1 trillion and possibly as much as $2 trillion will be extracted from the economy in the next 10 years at a time when it is barely limping along as it is. It’s far as I’m concerned the economic consequences are scarier than the health consequences of this huge new tax. Why is no one talking about this? Ohhhh… nevermind.


But didn’t Obama say that everyone’s premiums would go down? What aboout the $2,500 savings for a family of four that he ran for office on and sold this plan to a very skeptical nation with?

House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday blamed President Barack Obama for the first partial shutdown of the federal government in 17 years, blaming his “scorched-Earth policy of refusing to negotiate in [a] bipartisan way on his health care law, current government funding or the debt limit.””The president isn’t telling the whole story when it comes to the government shutdown,” the Ohio Republican said in an op-ed piece in USA Today. “The fact is that Washington Democrats have slammed the door on reopening the government by refusing to engage in bipartisan talks.obama-deficit-2011
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False-Flag-Operations At times like this I get the feeling that we are catapulting down the side of a sheer cliff with no control over the outcome, or to impact our own futures. In short, the enemy is executing their game plan with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker and anything that is done to slow it down and/or stop it, has come across looking anemic and ‘too little too late’. As we slowly circle the bowl …spiraling into the dark vortex of the end of life in the USA as we know it, events are lining up according to the script (and scripture) a lot of us have known about for many years, and that people like Alex Jones have been screaming about even longer. The only wildcards left appear to be the location, nature, and duration of the next government false flag events that will be used to manipulate public emotions and opinion.

Obama has been instructed by the powers that be to find a way to weasel the US into another Middle Eastern quagmire …namely Syria and Iran…two of the last countries with large gold reserves to be looted and no privately owned central bank to control those countries now, or in the future. Israel and its Zionist ruling class have made it clear that they don’t care how Obama does it, or how he explains it,  just so long as it gets done. If nothing else, Obama has proven to be a very good salesman and loyal foot soldier for the ruling cabal of Zionist bankers. It should be clear to the most casual opbserver that he wasn’t put into office to create policy …he was put there to sell it. Historically, US and world opinion has proven to be an easy target for manipulation using well-placed, and oft repeated propaganda requiring nothing more than a few articles in the NY Times and Reuters to make things as transparent as possible. In order to keep the NWO Illuminati game plan running on time (or just a couple of years late) they know that if they don’t make their move during the first two years of puppet Obama’s administration then their opportunity may be lost.  One thing is certain …the government is not walking away from destroying Syria …in fact for the following reasons ….Syria is toast. From commentor “ArkLight”

“I gota tell ya, the way his mental processes are deteriorating, I wonder if tertiary Syphilis is not a factor. Not an opinion, just a question. Syria’s decision to sell oil to Russian priced in rubles is what tied the can to Assad, in the opinion of the International Banksters; recall that Iraq dumped the dollar in favor of the euro in payment for oil, and Libya was about to roll out the Gold Dinar and dump the dollar – – is there a pattern evolving? Egypt controls the Suez Canal, which cannot be trusted to a stable, secular and self-sufficient county to oversee. Besides, Mubarak refused the US permission to build a permanent US base in Egypt. Of all the nerve! If anyone believes that Tomahawk missiles will get the job done without sending infantry in country is a fool. There are how many factions in Syria? I don’t know, but they are all Syrians, have been there for a few thousand years, and would hate American occupation troops as much as everyone else does. Well, except for the post WW II Germans, of course. I’m glad that none of my kids or grandkids are in the military – – it would be hard to see them not refuse an unlawful order, and then become accessories before and after the fact to war crime and crimes against humanity.

We are currently in the lull before the storm with nothing to do but prepare and wait. During this down time when boredom tends to seep under every door I thought it would be fun to see what, where and when the next false flag attack will take place. Here are some of the leading contenders:


1.  This is the most immediate and most credible theory by an ex CIA officer who claims that Obama is shopping for the next false flag right now and it could happen in the next week. Specifically, Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst, said in his new interview that there is a certain possibility that the U.S. administration in Washington is searching for a “false flag attack” in order to create a pretext for the planned US-led war on Syria. According to the statements given by this former CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) analyst, the Obama administration is looking for a “false flag” attack off the coast of Syria to start its planned military strike on Damascus. The ex-CIA analyst, Ray McGovern, even said that such a staged attack on US destroyers at the coast of Syria could already happen in the upcoming days. This would underline the fears and predictions of other political analysts and experts in the events in the Middle East and developments of such planned wars. Emphasis on planned wars …yes these wars have been planned for quite some time. The former CIA analyst finally stated that the Israel Lobby and others (such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar) who really want this war on Syria and plan a full-scale war on Damascus instead of the alleged “limited strikes” on the Arab country, only have about a week to “do something” that will affect “the things. And this clearly means that the supports of a US-led military strike and war on Syria certainly need another false flag action for a better (more convincing) pretext and justification in order to launch an immediate attack on Syria.

Copy of israel-false-flag-20120721-689

2.  Once again Arklight has this idea:

“With I’llbombya’a agenda falling apart around his big ears, there will, probably, be a false flag op somewhere, but I’d doubt it would be on the destroyers because nobody believes anything that comes out of DC anymore. Since we have missing nuclear warheads, from Dyess Air Force Base (, I’d be more inclined to think that it would be a nuclear detonation here in the US, blamed upon ‘domestic terrorists’ (such as Tea Party, ‘disgruntled veterans’ or evangelical Christians – – yeah, I know – – ). I live in Las Vegas, for which Obama has a permanent woodie,, so it could be here. Plus we have Nellis Air Force Base just the other side of the NASCAR track. Our domestic political rats are getting as desperate as the al Qaida rats, so there is no atrocity of which they are capable which would be off the table. We’ll see”

Alex Jones and has been tracking the movement of these nuclear warheads taken out of Dyess AFB by black ops spooks destined for South Carolina. Curiously, traitor Lindsay Graham has begun hinting that there could be a nuclear event in Charleston South Carolina. Hmmmm

3.   There has been a tremendous amount of HAARP activity off the west coast of the U.S. where a major fault line exists that is due to shift sometime in the next 100 years … it is believed that triggering an earthquake off the west coast with a 8-9.0 on the Richter scale would send a tsunami towards the west coast that will wipe out millions of people which would cause the economy to crash and the feds to call for martial law and lock down the USA  while the government ushered in RFID chips and the NWO.

4.  Most people think it will be a biological attack, like AIDs, but designed for the main stream population with a 90% fatality rate. Cities rendered unlivable. Mankind reduced to a caveman like existence, the few survivors gathered up and used as slaves for the elite who unleashed the monster virus upon us. This false flag attack is explained in detail here in the book entitled “The Day the President Killed America” 

5.  Another false flag that has gained a lot of popularity but is still not very specific is for the government to detonate a dirty nuke in a large city like LA with all of the contrived and manufactured evidence pointing at Iran (of course) but will in actuality be done by the Israeli’s …In fact the Israeli’s will be behind every one of these attacks just like they were 9-11

Those are the Top 5 in my opinion … which ones do you think is next …feel free to add your own ideas as well.

Forced Mass Drugging of US Troops an Underreported Scandal

Soldiers being forced to pop pills by exempt officer class

Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson
August 19, 2013

The mass drugging of US troops is one of the most underreported scandals of the modern era, with soldiers not only being used as guinea pigs in a brave new world of pharmacological experimentation, but also having their rights stripped as a result.

Sgt. Joe Biggs recently joined the Alex Jones Show to describe in shocking details how he witnessed soldiers in Afghanistan displaying careless ignorance of the threat posed by IED’s because the troops were high on Percocet, a prescription painkiller based on oxycodone, a Schedule II narcotic analgesic which is derived from opium.

The Rest of this story is here (click) at


Hide your face in shame you shameless gun grabbing THIEF!

You just can’t make this chit up!
Dirty Business as Usual at California High Speed Rail
From the article:
Out of the entire universe of those who could have won the first phase construction contract for California’s high speed rail boondoggle, who would stand out as the last person who would win it if there were no political patronage.
Put another way, who is the most likely person to win it if there is political patronage?
Both questions have the same answer: Richard Blum, the husband of California senator Diane Feinstein.
So, who won the contract? Blum, of course, as the principle owner of Tutor Perini, the lead firm in the three-firm consortium selected by the California High Speed Rail Authority.
Yes, Diane, it really does look that bad to us little people.
A High Low Bid
The Perini-Zachary-Parsons bid was the lowest received from the five consortia participating in the bidding process, but “low” is a relative term. The firms bid $985,142,530 to build the wildly anticipated first section of high speed rail track that will tie the megopolis of Madera to the global finance center of Fresno. Do the division, and you find that the low bid came in at a mere $35 million per mile.
And that doesn’t include the cost of rolling stock (that’s engines and cars to the normal among us). Nor does it include the cost of electrifying the route. Does it at least include the cost of land acquisition? No, it does not.
As this fiasco progress, remember that this $35 million per mile represents the best California can do on the section of track the High on Crack Speed Rail Authority selected to go first because it will be the cheapest.
Some background on this company:
High-Speed Rail bidding practice questionable the winner’s checkered past has a proven record of high cost over runs.
The Feds put together a task force to go after construction fraid, overruns and safety violations. Perini has been caught doing such things over and over again. They are absolutely ridiculous in California projects. It is like DBE fronting is a part of its business model. Overall fraud appears to be a part of that model also.

According to the Seattle News some of the Perini headlines read: “In February, Tutor-Saliba and Perini agreed to pay $19 million to settle racketeering and fraud allegations in a San Francisco airport project.” “In 2004, Perini agreed to pay the federal government $998,500 to settle fraud claims in the construction of an embassy building in Venezuela.” “The companies are embroiled in an 11 – year legal battle over $16 million in extra costs on a Los Angeles subway job.” “Perini sued for more than $170 million in cost overruns on three New York City projects during the 1990s before settling for about $22 million.”…

Here is the link to this story and others at the Daily Paul

Want to know who was responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing? Truthfrequencyradio tells you all about it right here… Obama announced that he was concerned about why they did it? (as though there might be a good reason?)

by Chris and Sheree Geo

From the moment this happened, we have been simultaneously watching the mainstream news channels and have already come to the conclusion that this is a false-flag event to blame on “domestic terrorists”. However, it seems like the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper.

1. Drills The Same Day, with Boston Globe “non-warning” tweets

The article is loaded with source information  and is a must read!

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