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Math: Your Secret Weapon Against Wall Street and the NSA

Edward Frenkel wants you to understand mathematics so economists, bankers, corporations, and intelligence agencies can’t manipulate you anymore.—By Indre Viskontas and Chris Mooney


Edward Frenkel sees it, the way we teach math in schools today is about as exciting as watching paint dry. So it’s not surprising that when he brings up the fact that he’s a mathematician at dinner parties, eyes quickly glaze over. “Most people, unfortunately, have a very bad experience with mathematics,” Frenkel says. And no wonder: The math we learn in school is as far from what Frenkel believes is the soul of mathematics as a painted fence is from “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh, Frenkel’s favorite painter.

The Russian born University of California-Berkeley mathematician, whose day job involves probing the connections between math and quantum physics, wants to change that. Rather than alienating drudgery, Frenkel views math as an “archipelago of knowledge” that’s universally available to all of us, and he’s been everywhere of late spreading the word. In particular, Frenkel is intent on warning us about how people are constantly using (or misusing) math to get our personal data, to hack our emails, to game our stock markets. “The powers that be sort of exploit our ignorance, and manipulate us more when we are less aware of mathematics,” said Frenkel on the latest episode of the Inquiring Minds podcast. If you hated math in high school, maybe that will catch your attention.

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Frenkel’s paean to math begins with an emphasis on its unifying nature. To him, math—not religion—is the one shared body of firm, unchanging knowledge that we all possess and that nobody can ever take away from us. “You meet someone, you don’t know where they come from, what language they speak, what is their background,” he says. “But you already know that there is so much you have in common, because all the mathematical ideas that have ever been discovered, we all share them.” If you met an alien intelligence, the same would be true. Math never changes. It sometimes has discoverers, but never authors or owners. “It’s a great equalizer,” Frenkel says.

The implications of math’s universality, incidentally, are downright spooky. Take this New York Times essay by Frenkel, contemplating whether the fact that math works so perfectly and without fail suggests we might be living in a Matrix-like simulation. For a while, it was the most viewed article on the paper’s website. The question of why math works to describe the universe, even as we also just happen to have brains that can understand it, is a pretty momentous one. Or as Galileo put it:


Philosophy is written in this grand book, the universe, which stands continually open to our gaze. But the book cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and read the letters in which it is composed. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it; without these, one wanders about in a dark labyrinth.

Such contemplations have driven more than one scientist to God. But then, hey, it could just be Agent Smith. CONT’D AT THE SOURCE RIGHT HERE …CLICK

Should we call him “Calig-Bama” or “Barrigula”? Don’t answer that until you see how the biographical profiles of these two insane leaders matches up…Then decide.


I finally got my chance to watch the classic uncut version of the movie Caligula last night … The version that is 2 1/2 hours long starring Malcolm McDowell and Peter O’Toole… This is the version still banned in Canada even today.  Other than the gratuitous sex and violence and bloodshed this was one interesting movie about the life of one very screwed up evil, lecherous, deviant, narcissistic, arrogant, boastful, cruel, vicious, vindictive, brutal dictator. 2 1/2 hours wasn’t enough and after watching this movie I found myself wanting to know more about this crazy insane monarch. My first question of course was were all of the stories I’ve heard that were in the movie true or is this just the imaginations of Hollywood gone wild … So I sat down with Google and went to work and as I learned more and more about Caligula I couldn’t stop myself from making these inevitable comparisons that are too hard to avoid.. I mean I couldn’t help but notice so many parallels between who Caligula was and our current seat warmer in the White House. Before you cry foul hear me out because this is going to give you the ability to view Mr. Obama in a completely different light.

First off, the stories, the events, incredible off the hook over the top debauchery that took place during his 1400 days as emperor are more than likely at least partially true… Every great story has some kernel of truthfulness floating around


I was prepared to just accept it all as fact because it was so entertaining but as I dug deeper I discovered that a lot of the evidence is pretty shaky. All the best stories are to be found in the brief biography by Suetonius in The Twelve Caesars. Suetonius, however, is not exactly the horse’s mouth, not even the horse-consul’s. For one thing, though he worked in the imperial archives and was the Emperor Hadrian’s secretary, he was born circa AD69 – Caligula died AD41. For another, he was a terrible, if delicious, gossip, unable to resist a good story.

Here are some biographical tidbits about Caligula and you tell me you think it sounds like anybody else you know.


For starters Caligula lost both of his parents at an early age and was sent to live with relatives on a island where he was surrounded by people who held extremely radical and not of the mainstream view of things to say the least. It was during this time which were his formative years that he developed into the person he later became. All of those radical hedonistic lifestyle ideas he got while living on the island of Capri with his uncle Tiberius… Another prince of a man…lol. After he had Tiberius smothered he returned to Rome to claim his throne. Here he was raised by his people who endowed him with all sorts of characteristics probably didn’t really have. This was a people who have endured last administration and ready for some hope and change which is why you 24 he became the Emperor of one out of every four people in the world. Once he got into office he began consolidating power in every possible thing he did and said. Within two years he had made the Senate almost obsolete because he would ignore them and go around them and legislate unilaterally through executive Fiat whenever the mood hit him. (Sound familiar?)


Right out of the gate the people loved Caligula… “Today, looking back, we often wonder how anyone could have actually looked forward to the reign of Caligula; but of course, we have the benefit of hindsight. To the general public of the Roman Empire he seemed like a perfectly normal young man. Many saw him in a sympathetic light” one of the reasons the people loved him so much was because upon assuming office he was also quick to put the vast treasury left by Tiberius to good use in winning greater popularity for himself. He gave the Praetorian Guard a hefty bonus, distributed money to the common people and declared a general amnesty to free all of those imprisoned by the paranoia of Tiberius.(This should all be starting to sound somewhat familiar). The other thing he was known for was his ability to throw an incredible decadent party that would last for days and weeks all on the taxpayers dime… There was no luxury you would not afford himself… No food to exotic. (Does this sound like anybody else’s you know who we spend $1 billion a year supporting?)


He was also well known for engaging in deviant sexual acts with people of the same sex back then there was no place like Chicago’s “Man’s Country” where Barack and his pals would go for their deviant homosexual relief… So Caligula would just throw a party. One of the things he liked to do was to humiliate and degrade the members of the Senate which is equivalent of our Congress. (hmmmm) He would publicly humiliate these people, he would mock them and ridiculed them every way possible he could even to the point where they were required to address his horse as though it were prince. He was suspicious of everybody because along with all of this came the paranoia and delusions of grandeur that are part and parcel to narcissistic personality disorders of this magnitude. He finally declared himself to be a God … Much like we have our own presidential Messiah. He was quick to blame others for his mistakes and never got tired of spending the riches of the kingdom. When the treasury ran dry he started taxing everything including marriage to support his lavish spending habits. He enriched himself by confiscating the property of anyone arrested for treason and when in need of funds he might charge any wealthy Roman with treason. After 1400 days in office he was killed by his own people who now hated his guts and his legacy is one of absolute power corrupting absolutely just like BHO.

He biographical profiles of these two cruel, dishonest evil flamboyant smooth talking dictators are like pages from the same book I don’t think that Obama in the White House right now I think it’s a CaligBAMA OR Barigula… Your thoughts?

I ran into this comment tacked onto the bottom of a Forbes article and thought it was interesting and thought provoking. Give it a read and leave your thoughts in the comments section

By LibertyInfinite

“There used to be a time in America when the American People were actually aware of what their governments were doing.

Today that seems unfathomable.

But it was this way & consequently they acted as if the money that they paid in to the government was their own.

All of that is gone now.

Today in America, we swing from vines in a monkey infested wasteland, controlled by hate freak medias left & right.

We buy new cell phones.

We veg.

We rot,

we decline,

we crawl up out of our hole to be fools again to them.

Both sides.

The American People are wasted. & freedom is but a memory ever further in the past.

Are you old enough to remember freedom?

I am. & from this I know that it is no longer here.

Today we have a nation intravenously fed on



We have come to a time in America when we need despotism.

We have no money & no power.

We can neither find freedom nor ourselves.

The American People.


This one is going to make you really mad….not kind of mad but really mad. I was watching a Bill Whittle rant earlier this morning where he makes an extremely accurate observation about the way our government and our elected leaders never seem to ask the right questions or look out for the people they should be looking out for when they come up with most of their half-baked anti America ideas… For instance how in the world can anyone with a working brain not see the devastating impact that adding 20 million new …mostly unskilled people to the labor pool will have? How could our own country screw it’s own people by putting their need to stay in office (and for the GOP legislators who are supporting this …God only knows what they are using for brains?)


That’s right it’s another classic example of our government putting the best interests of its own people second to the desires of a group of felons 15-22 million strong who will bring wage rates as low as they can possibly go …over burden our social services even more than they already are and bankrupt our cities and states by allowing an infestation of parasitic non English speaking drug dealers, drunk drivers, rapists and gun carrying gang bangers. Before you think that this is just another anti-illegal alien rant let me get to the issue that surfaced on my social justice for Americans first radar this morning was.

As we are all aware (to some degree or another) about 1/3 of the states who pander to illegal aliens …like Oregon, California Colorado etc. have all recently passed laws granting illegal aliens the right to ‘in state college tuition rates’ even though they aren’t even legally in those states. This by itself should still make any clear thinking American angry but did you know who doesn’t get the in state tuition break? Our returning members of our own military…

Nearly 250,000 veterans and service members are each paying an average of $10,000 per academic year out-of-pocket while using the GI Bill to attend a public college or university because of the changes in their educational benefits regarding residency for tuition purposes, according to the Student Veterans Advocacy Group (SVAG). (You can read the entire sad pathetic story here …click)

So basically the people who are in this country illegally and who are sucking it dry are being given preferential treatment over our own returning military people to the tune of over $10,000.00 PER YEAR! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?


“The Institute for Women’s Policy Research finds that life has improved for American women, but “big inequities persist” (November 17).   So that’s why 80 per cent of suicides are males, 95 per cent of workplace mortality is of males, and men live an average of 7 years less than women.  Oh, and 82 per cent of consumer spending is done by women.  Kind of makes up for the so-called wage gap, doesn’t it?

The federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is up for reauthorization…this time it needs to be tossed on the dung heap of good intentions and go away!  VAWA funds billions of taxpayer dollars to combat violence against women, principally domestic violence (DV).  This time around it’s sponsors are attempting to enlarge its trap to include american indian (women) and lesbians. The definition of DV used  by victim advocates runs the gamut from jokes and insults to murder, with “power and control” being the overriding characteristic of the man’s behavior towards the woman.  Real violence is rarely at issue. 

When women commit violence against men, VAWA and the DV “victim” industry go AWOL.  Despite the federal government’s own statistics showing then nearly 40 per cent of emergency room admissions for domestic violence are men, VAWA persists in its monolithic response. 

In the same way that some minority groups argue they cannot be racist because they aren’t in power in society, gender feminists contend women cannot commit DV because they can’t assert power and control over men.  Any violence committed by women is, by definition, either de minimus (it could not possibly have hurt him), or self-defense (SHE is the victim of HIS abuse). 

All interactions between partners are subject to this twisted logic.  When the relationship sours, the woman has an easy out:  “I am a victim of domestic violence and can do no wrong.”  VAWA supports and maintains female supremacy.  It should be re-titled Victory Assured for Women Act.  The problem that is so clear that Ray Charles can see it is this: women cannot handle the power they have been given responsibly.

VAWA’s gender bias permeates law enforcement response to domestic conflict.  All it takes is a woman calling 911 to summon three squad cars, teeming with police officers eager to carry out today’s “tough” domestic violence laws.  The centerpiece of the system is “mandatory arrest.”  Every domestic disturbance call must result in arrest, almost always the man. 

Domestic violence has turned into “whatever the man does that the woman doesn’t like”.  Declaring he is going to file for custody of the children is a “threat.”  Finding out she is having an affair and demanding she stop is “abuse.”  Unknown to most men, such exchanges often precipitate false charges of DV. 
Even when the facts clearly show the man is not an abuser (and perhaps the woman is), prosecutors refuse to drop charges.  “No-drop” policies are a great publicity tool, and a way to ensure more funding.  Charges that would never see the light of day if they happened between strangers on the street (accidentally bumping against someone when walking by), are routinely charged as DV “assault.”  (But only if the man does it to the woman; a man can be bleeding from a head wound and he won’t be considered a victim). 

Indiscriminate charging clogs the system with minor transgressions, yet ensures a steady stream of cases justifying more taxpayer money at budget time. I went to court with a friend of mine who had been accused of being an abuser complete with the requisite “restraining order’ that has produced more newly minted ‘felons’ out of respondents in divorce actions than our outdated marijuana laws.

Let’s face it, both spouses are usually at fault when a marriage ends.  Many women have discovered a surefire antidote against taking any responsibility: playing the domestic violence victim.  While the husband is reading the newspaper and relaxing after work, the wife is contacting the domestic violence hotline, getting step-by-step instructions on what to say:  “His abuse is escalating,” “I’m fearful for my safety.” 

VAWA funds battered women’s shelters and their misandrist staff, always ready to welcome another customer for their anti-male, anti-father and anti-family agenda.  Ask a victim advocate what causes domestic violence, and she will immediately blame our “patriarchal society,” ensuring that only men get the blame.  One might ask what causes women to abuse children.  Presumably, the patriarchy by proxy.  VAWA gives short shrift to child abuse, which is most often committed by women.  Indeed, VAWA earmarks a paltry $7000 per year to develop home visitation projects to look for signs of child abuse or neglect. 

To assure victory in the divorce/custody case, the woman claims the man is an abuser, no matter how good a husband and father he is.  Whatever wrongs he has committed, from leaving the toilet seat up to not making enough money, the failure of the marriage is his fault.  “No-fault” divorce laws really mean “no fault unless it’s the man’s fault.”  In other words, the Oprah-zation of family law. 

What we really have is MAWA: Men Annoying Women Act.  The man is either a relentless abuser or a hopeless wimp.  Any modern man not terrified of being in a relationship with a woman has not been paying attention. 

The government seems unable to define gender bias except as “bias against women.”  Title IX forces college sports programs to spend equal amounts of money on men’s and women’s sports, despite the fact that the vast majority of athletes are men.  Even though 1/3 of domestic violence murder victims are male, not one dime of VAWA’s largesse is devoted to prevention of violence against men.

Men are far more likely than women to be victims of violence overall, yet there’s no Violence Against Men Act. Men also comprise nearly all workplace injuries and deaths, but try to find a Male Workplace Injury Prevention Act.

VAWA is not about stopping violence.  It is about greedy special interests slopping at the federal trough, perpetuating gender supremacy for women.  If proponents were truly concerned about helping victims, they would demand that all intervention and funding be gender neutral and gender inclusive. 

The existence of male victims threatens gender feminists because it knocks the underpinnings out of their theory, that the “patriarchy” causes men to abuse women.  The DV industry has succeeded in creating the “victimarchy.”  With VAWA in their corner, women win no matter what: victim or abuser, they can do no wrong. 

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