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Back in 2009, while discussing the link between taxing pieces recessions and job growth Mr. Obama (blessed be his name) stated that “the last thing you want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession because that would just suck up, take more demand out of the economy and put business in a further hole” Sage advice… But even a clock is right twice a day.

Fast forward to today and we are still in a very weak economy job growth has been negative in real terms for the last three years and the Supreme Court has officially declared Obamacare to be a tax … As in tax increase… As in bad for the economy, and bad for all of us.


Not only has Obama and the Democrats raised taxes during the middle of a recession, (no it’s not officially over we are simply in the second leg of it) through the use of lies, lies and more lies they have managed to enact the single largest tax increase in the history of this country (especially when you count premium mandates and penalties). We have heard about lost policies, premium increases over 300%, the deductibles increasing by up to 300%, of doctors retiring or refusing to participate in Obama care, of entire hospitals and medical groups opting out of Obama care and a couple of scattered positive stories about somebody with cancer who would’ve died without Obamacare… We haven’t heard about his what the anticipated impact of this huge hit to every individual’s disposable income is going to do to the economy once the plan goes into effect… I can tell you right now it’s going to be ugly.


Here in the United States we suffer from a lack of demand because people have stopped spending borrowed money and started the task of paying back. When families have no disposable income due to a lost job or pay freeze brought on by the recession… They don’t buy things like they did before the recession. When you take those same people who are living on less than they’ve ever lived on in the last decade. When you increase their medical insurance by 2 to 300% or anywhere from $200 to a $1,000 a month you further reduce their ability to buy goods and services which keep the country chugging along.

Economic theory predicts that the link between income shocks and consumption is strongest in the case of permanent or unpredictable income shocks. Hence, consumption may fall as a direct consequence of a fallen income induced by job loss, reduced hours or productivity, and negative returns from assets, and more so if these are long-term changes to a household economic resources. Just so no one accuses me of only using ‘rightwing’ sources for the information and alaysis of whats coming I decided to look to the University of California at Berkely for my data and specifically to a recent study that indicates that

Obamacare will kill the economic recovery and throw nearly 6 million Americans out of work.

Those are the extraordinary implications of academic research by Christina D. Romer, who chaired the CEA from January 28, 2009 – September 3, 2010. In a paper entitled: ”

The Macrcoeconomic Effects of Tax Changes ” published by the prestigious American Economic Review in June 2010 (during her tenure at the White House), she stated: “In short, tax increases appear to have a very large, sustained, and highly significant negative impact on output.”


The AER paper, co-authored with her husband and fellow UC Berkeley Professor, David H. Romer, examines the impact of tax increases and reductions on U.S. economic growth for the period 1945 to 2007. One of the innovations in the paper is its focus on “exogenous” changes in taxes, that is changes in taxes that were meant to either increase the rate of economic growth (not simply offset a recession), such as the Kennedy, Reagan and Bush tax cuts, or to reduce the budget deficit, such as the Clinton tax increase. Excluded were “endogenous” tax changes that were purely countercyclical, such as the 1975 tax rebates, or were used to “offset another factor that would tend to move output growth away from normal”, such as the tax increases to finance the Korean war and the introduction of the payroll tax to finance Medicare.

“The behavior of output following these more exogenous changes indicates that tax increases are highly contractionary. The effects are strongly significant, highly robust, and much larger than those obtained using broader measures of tax changes.”

Wow! That’s about as strong a statement as you will ever read in a paper published in the AER.

The Romers’ baseline estimate suggests that a tax increase of 1% of GDP (about $160 billion in today’s economy) reduces real GDP by 3% over the next 10 quarters.

In addition, the Romers used a variety of statistical tests to take into account other factors that could influence economic growth at the time of the tax changes, including government spending, monetary policy, the relative price of oil, and even whether the President was a Democrat or Republican (it doesn’t matter much). A summary of the statistical work estimates that a tax increase of 1% of GDP would lead to a fall in output of 2.2% to 3.6% over the next 10 quarters.

“In all cases, the effect of tax changes on output remains large and highly statistically significant,”

they write.

“Thus the finding that tax changes have substantial impacts on output appears to be very durable. That including controls for known output shocks has little effect on the estimated impact of tax changes is important indirect evidence that our new measure of fiscal shocks is not correlated with other factors affecting output.”

Finish this story here…

Peggy Noonan sums up the meteoric fall of Obama as only she can …the classic line from this story is this one:

“But whenever he went over the the heads of the media and Congress and went to the people, in prime-time addresses, it didn’t really work. He did not have a magical ability to sway. And—oddly—he didn’t seem to notice.

It is one thing to think you’re Lebron. Its another thing to keep missing the basket and losing games and still think you’re Lebron.

And that really was the problem: He had the confidence without the full capability”

Here is the full story …Enjoy!

“How Far Obama Has Fallen From historic figure to beleaguered incumbent in less than four years”

Peggy Noonan WSJ:

So where are we? A softly catastrophic storm left us, in the Northeast, shocked at the depth and breadth of its power to destroy. Everyone who could be was hunkered down Monday waiting it out, and at first we hoped it might not be as bad as we’d been warned, because we’d all seen higher wind and harder rain. But the waters rose and wouldn’t stop, breaching dunes, overwhelming barriers, filling the tunnels and subways like a bathtub, as somebody said on TV. It was—is—a true crisis. So far, our political leaders have done pretty well. But the hard part will be from here on in—getting things up and operating again without the original adrenaline rush. Continue the story here.


We are working with conservative Oregonians and informing them about a disaster that is falling on their children and grandchildren. Working on this issue in Oregon brought to light the fact that regardless of whether or not the repeal of Obamacare or the overturn of Roe v. Wade this issue is worse.

Oregon is a bastion of communist leadership and at the top is Governor Dr. John Kitzhauber. The Governor was successful in getting his Oregon Health Authority established, drawing up a plan, getting a waiver from President Obama, and securing a commitment for 1.9 Billion dollars. The money is yet to pass to Oregon, because we want to see all the dangling strings.

We have a team of people studying what we call ‘Obama Tax/Kitz Care’ A team of concerned citizens are in the process of studying the entire legislation from a layman’s perspective.

STERILIZATION is one of the key policies uncovered by this plan. Here is how it works:

This is how it works in Obama-care whether your young or old.
Remember this is Socialized medicine that has never worked. Furthermore it was the byproduct of Dr. Quentin Young, Obama’s personal physician and an avowed Marxist. Source: Loudon, Trevor Barack Obama and the Enemies Within
The evidence for this connection is laid out in 80 or more references of the book.

Oregon so called model health care system is also Socialized Medicine and came from the same Marxist ideology promoted by Dr. John Kitzhauber.

The patient is designated a recipient.

Section 8 (1) (c) HB 3860 Enrolled provides a member care team that includes:
     A qualified peer wellness specialist

     A personal health navigator

     An Interpreter..

   A Personal Healthcare Advocate

     Oh did I forget: A Doctor.

The recipient is subjected to behavior modification to accept what centralized governments prescribe for their benefit for example, a harmful procedure such as sterilization.

Video: Team Pressure for Behavior Modification

After being indoctrinated at public school by Planned Parenthood and taking into account the age and maturity of the child. How do you think the child will react? Remember we are talking about children as young as 12 years old, acting at the age of 15 without parental consent or knowledge.

When the student is properly indoctrinated and declared a recipient they are turned over to a Doctor specializing in abortion, sterilization and yes, put a plastic bag over your parents head as was so efficiently done in Pol Pot‘s regime in Cambodia’s killing fields. The student will follow what they are told about group behavior for the good of the planet and civilization.

The Doctor follows the instructions on the form. The recipient signs and approves the Sterilization. The Doctor approves and conducts the operation.

Plan of Action:

1.) We must start spreading the word in every network we individually to which we have access.

2.) Do not be deflected by excuses and explanation especially by CCO representatives or people from government health care organizations. In Oregon, they are waiting for a 1.9 Billion grant to fund this program and that money will come with strings attached.

3.) Urge the candidates for public office to repeal Obama-care as part of their expectations in office.

4.) Do not support or vote for any candidate who approved any form of Obama-care.

5.) Who supported the Obama-care program in Congress:

Congressman Kurt Schrader
Congressman Pete DeFazio
Congressman Earl Blumenhauer
Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamichi (while a member of the Oregon Legislature.)

6.) Who supported the Oregon Healthcare Program

All Democrats without exception.

All Republicans except Representative Jim Weidner. If you wonder how this could happen without a whimper. Its called Pelosium, a dreaded disease caused by elected officials not reading what they are voting on.

In Polk County the following Commissioners:

Commissioner Craig Pope, Jennifer Wheeler and Mike Ainsworth (Chairman).

In Marion County the following Commissioners:

Janet Carlson, the leader of the pack who doesn’t know the length of a line.

Sam Brentano, a Conservative who took the elevator ride.

Only Commissioner Patti Milne voted no due to experience in the Oregon Legislature fighting Dr. Kitzhauber Marxist philosophy of Health care.

Our family and everything you instinctively knew about freedom is instantly terminated, meaning there are no genetic offspring’s with these traits. That is now permitted in Oregon and will soon follow every state in America even after Obamacare is passed into law.

The credit for revealing this monster lies with Sabrina Gladstone CNS News.

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